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Caribbean Tales Film Festival 2020 presenting a film about school lockdowns in the US

Film Festival Entry Lockdowns student’s fear of school shootings. By Stephen Weir The fear of gun violence in US schools is raising students’ stress levels to Code Red.  Generation Lockdown, a new 17-minute film about mass shootings in schools, will in all likelihood scare students, concern parents and make educators wonder if it could happen here in Canada. Lockdown – the protocol that American schools follow when there is a threat to students – means locking and barricading classroom doors and windows. The students hunker down clutching their teacher waiting until the emergency is over.  “ Lockdowns have become a hallmark of American Education and become a by product of the United States’ inability to curb its gun violence epidemic,” explains New York City based director Sirad Balducci.    “We hope this film will incentivize parents to be the first in the line of defense by removing kids’ access to guns in the home and giving them tools to identify stress and anxiety caused by lockdown d…
Miss Dolly, David Rudder and Macomere Fifi Are All On Board for the Friday July 31st Emancipation Day Underground Freedom Train Ride Live and Online
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 30, 2020 ... This year’s 15th annual Freedom Train Ride is going live and virtual! Get on board live on A Different Booklist Cultural Centre’s YouTube page beginning at 10:45 PM on the eve of Emancipation day, Friday July 31st, 202.0
The Emancipation Day “Underground Freedom Train” Ride is symbolic of the role of the Underground Railroad within Canada’s history. This train ride is recognition of the historic date of Emancipation Day on August 1st when slavery was abolished in the British Empire. It is also a celebration of the power and potential of the peoples of African descent.
A Different Booklist Cultural Centre (ADBCC) and the 2020 Freedom Train Ride Committee are pleased to announce this year's Conductor, Ms. Dorothy Sharp. Dorothy Sharp is a pillar in the Ontario Black Community. Affectionately known as …

Three St Lucian Soca Artistes To Face Off in Canada Sound Clash

It sounds like the Clash of the Pitons! Toronto Caribbean Camera 07.30.2020 By Stephen Weir Three of St. Lucia’ s top soca artistes are going to face off in studio on Friday on the first ever Carib Beer Canada Sound Clash. Soca artistes Ricky T, Cooyah, and Umpa are going live at 8pm on an online broadcast created just for Canadians celebrating Carnival week.  It is a chance to see three international performers who have been missing from the summer Soca music scene here in Toronto because of the Virus shutdown. A Sound Clash, by the way, is a musical competition where crewmembers from opposing artistes pit their skills against each other. The planned one-hour unscripted show will be taking place inside a St. Lucia recording studio. “We are going to have some fun with the Clash, it is meant to be a cool thing for our fans to watch, here at home and in Canada,” Ricky T Thomas told the Caribbean Camera earlier this week. “It is this Covid 19 thing that we are all trying to shake off with our …

Not Funny Hunkering Down In Barrie

Marc Trinidad getting ready for the day he can get back on stage

Just ask Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle who the best Caribbean Canadian comic they have worked with is and the answer will be the same, Marc Trinidad.   Be it on stage, radio, or on live TV, Trinidad is our standup man! True to his sir name Marc Trinidad was indeed born and raised in Trinidad, but now Barrie is where he calls home. After working theatre and sketch comedy in T&T for a number of years he decided to come to Canada to gain some international exposure.  He has lived and worked in the “Great White North” for over 20-years and has carved out a stand-up career that has him in constant demand wherever English is spoken!
With nightclubs closed and comedy festivals on hold, Trinidad, is hunkered down at home waiting out the virus shutdown. Over the weekend the standup man had a sit-down question and answer session with our Arts reporter Stephen Weir.  He also took a selfie for the Caribbean Camera for this article!

We have Zeen the film that is headlining Caribbean film festival comedy night

How to defend yourself against a gangsta with jerk chicken and other bon mots from Zeen?
Zeen? is a “mocumentary” film that takes a comedic view on making highbrow White movies about Jamaica.  Zeen (got it?)?
This made-in-Markham shorty is the Caribbean Tales Film Festival’s (CTFF’s) marquee movie for this fall’s Red and White Comedy Night. The September 14th online screening is showcasing five Canadian comedic short films, and organizers guarantee Zeen? will “have you laughing out loud” as you watch on your smartphone or laptop.
The 15th annual CaribbeanTales Film Festival runs from September 9th until October 2nd. This year, because of the virus shutdown, the CTFF will take place online with nine nights and more than 25 short and feature films of live stream entertainment.
“My goal with the movie was to examine the reasons why white people might misrepresent, misinterpret or place judgment on Black culture and realities, “said director, writer and star Carlyx Passailaigue. “Many people …

Blow the Freedom Whistle long and hard Ms Dolly - it has to be heard around the world

Virus forces Annual Ride For Freedom to Travel Virtually in 2020Canada’s 8th annual Ride For Freedom is coming to a Smart Phone near year for 2020.  Scheduled to take place on August 1st, the train ride to mark Emancipation Day, is happening this year online! Held every year in Toronto, the Annual Emancipation Day Underground Freedom Train Ride,  usually sees over 1,000 people take a midnight subway ride from Union Station to Sheppard station.  The TTC has always provided the special midnight train and a volunteer crew, and people from all across the country have come to the city to ride the rail. But, because of Covis 19, the train will not be leaving the station in 2020. "We are excited about bringing the train ride to a virtual platform and the world's stage," said Itah Sadu, Founder and Chair of the Freedom Train Ride Committee. "This year we are connecting with people nationally and internationally with the theme of diasporic crossings and relationships, and furt…