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Toronto Star Runs Stephen Weir Trump Tower Story: Posting of the Orginal Version of the Story

On Saturday, May 31st, the Toronto Star ran a story I wrote about the new Trump Tower Hotel and Condo project in Toronto. The story, with an illustration by ED SCHNURR can be see at: / Below is the original version which was edited by the Star for accuracy and length. Donald Trump’s new vision of luxury Small, Tall and Tight. Really really tight. By Stephen Weir May 22, 2008 Shoe-horning a luxury hotel and condo tower into the already hyper-crowded financial district of downtown Toronto is forcing Donald Trump's real estate company to think small while building tall. The 924 ft (282 metres) Trump International Hotel and Tower is finally underway and as the hole is being dug in a miniscule plot of land at the southeast corner of Adelaide and Bay Streets, a team of architects and builders are importing both people and different construction techniques to build a $400 million tower where a tiny five and dime store used to

Trump Story Sidebar

ORIGINAL SIDEBAR TO TRUMP STORY BY STEPHEN WEIR Trump Tower's: Tale of the Tape ß The first Trump property to be built in Canada, Trump International Hotel & Tower will be one of the tallest buildings in the country when completed. ß Opened for sales in September 2004. Ground breaking event held in October 2007. ß Lot size 15,520 square feet ß Building footprint – 98% of the lot ß Height: 281.6 m / 924 ft. 60 storeys tall ß Hotel Condominiums: 261 (600 - 4,000 sq. ft.) ß The Residences: 118 (1,300 - 7,700 sq. ft.) ß Sticker Shock $900,000 to $14 million. ß Total Suites: 379 ß Model Suites – 11am to 6pm, Amy Richards, 416-214-9285 ß Owners: Trump Organization and Talon International Development Inc ß /