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Let the Games Begin. Super Bowl of Gorilla Marketing

Persil Kicks-Off The Annual Jump On The Bandwagon Super Bowl Competition By Stephen Weir from article on Linked In 01.23.2016 When Super Bowl Frenzy grips our neighbours to the south, PR/Marketing experts try to jump on a crowded Super Bowl media bandwagon, even if their products/message has absolutely nothing to do with the February Classic. This morning Persil laundry detergent - a popular German soap marketed in North America by Walmart - kicked-off the non-NFL sanctioned  Super Bowl of Commercial Tie-ins  gorilla marketing competition. They got in the game by  carefully avoiding the Trade Marked Super Bowl Name when they issued the result of a consumer survey they called THE BIG GAME STAIN! Persil hired a firm to interview 10,000 Americans - 5,000 males and 5,000 female - all of whom had watched at least part of The Super Bowl within the past three years. Reviewing the results Persil found that: Almost 2/3 of participants (64%) had spilled food on their clothes whil