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Soulpepper Theatre Has A Mashup Royale


Etienne Charles' Launch Party - Centre Stage - Toronto's George Weston Recital Hall

Etienne Charles Trinidad’s Best Jazz Trumpeter Bringing His Carnival Show to TorontoBy Stephen Weir For Toronto bound jazz great Etienne Charles there is more to Carnival than just parading through the streets of Port of Spain.No, for the Trinidadian trumpeter, the annual carnival is a source of profound inspiration for a musical tradition that dates back to colonial times. The 35-year old trumpeter is coming to Toronto on November 16th for the North American launch Carnival: The Sound of a PeopleVolume 1, his new CD and to perform it live at the 1,000 seat George Weston Recital Hall in North Toronto.The CD, recorded in part in Trinidad, has already been released to critical success in the Caribbean. “Carnival is an ocean made up of so many different hybrid influences,” Etienne Charles told the Caribbean Camera late last week.“ In Toronto I want to make the statement that what you hear now isn’t all there is to Carnival. This CD (and my coming live performance) is all about the precursor…

Recipe for Canada's newest cocktail - Honey, Spam and Southern Comfort


By Stephen Weir - popular Facebook posting
New cocktail. Drink to sip in the backyard while watching the 70 story condo towers being built down the street.
I Invented the Honey Bear Spamartini this morning Honey Bear Spamartini
1.5 oz of Southern Comfort
2 oz of Orange Fresh-cut Juice
2 oz of Grapefruit Fresh-cut Juice
1 tsp of 'Pooh Bear' honey
2 ice cubes shaped like Daleks
2 cubes of Chorizo Spam
1 Maraschino Cherry Pour into an empty can of hot and spicy Chorizo flavoured Spam. Garnish with Chorizo Spam Squares, Maraschino Cherry, Umbrella and drink using a swizzle stick straw copyright sweirsweir ps - photo shoot in our dining room was not without humour - the bear quickly got drunk and tried to hibernate!

Theatre Review - Oraltorio: a Theatrical Mixtape, Super Dope

No mixed message for Obsidian Theatre Oraltorio: a Theatrical Mixtape is dope! By Stephen Weir Live theatre in Canada usually mean that the audience sits quietly and watches while the actors tell them stories about things they probably don’t know. Not so for Oraltorio, now in its final week of performances at the Soulpepper complex in the Distillery District. Clap, stand, dance, and give shout-outs to the two performers on stage. That is how ticketholders react to singer/poet Motion and DJ L’oqenz in this 80-minute coming-of-age musical mash-up. More an musical event than a play, it is all about being young, female and part of Toronto’s evolving hip-hop scene. “This is so so dope,” said the young woman sitting beside me in the near filled Soulpepper Theater. For her it was all about the music – the two performers channelled everything from flag waving Soca singers to lyrical Jamaican market callers. And for me?  It sure was “dope”, but for a different reason. This was the first play I have …

Last week's Front Page Story in the Caribbean Carnival Gets A Story

Caribbean Camera First With The News AboutChariandy’s big Toronto Book Award winBy Stephen Weir Last week, literally 10-minutes before the Caribbean Camera went to press, Trinidadian Canadian author David Chariandy won the prestigious $10,000 2018 Toronto Book Awards.  His book, Brother, is a novel about growing up in Malvern. We were able to get a picture of him accepting his award in the paper --- the only paper to do so on Wednesday night.  We didn’t have room to print our story about his accomplishment. What follows are the details of his amazing win!
David Chariandy’s book is a devastating story about the love between a single Trinidadian mother and her sons, the impact of race, masculinity and the senseless loss of young lives in Malvern, in the violent summer of 1991. The winner of the 2018 Toronto Book Awards was announced last Wednesday night at the Toronto Reference Library. This was the 44th year of the Toronto Book Awards. The annual awards offer $15,000 in prize money. Each s…

Jamaica's Heritage Moment for Jamaican Canadian University Students


Like magic the Obeah dancers made 3,000 clap like crazy!