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Looking up Marilyn Monroe's concrete skirt

. HOW IS IT BUILT? Construction company using concrete, and lots of it, to give Marilyn Monroe curves that will stand the test of time. Toronto Star September 18th feature story (Condo Section: ) By Stephen Weir Long after the world has forgotten Marilyn Monroe, two well endowed condos will still be twisting the years away in downtown Mississauga. Curvaceous. Shockingly new. Absolute Buildings 4 and 5 are being built to last for the next century and beyond. While their growing shapes are unconventional (Absolute 4 been dubbed the Marilyn Monroe because of its curves while Absolute 5 will sport a masculine big butt profile) it is the traditional application of concrete, and lots of it, that will make these buildings an eye-catching monument in time. The 50 and 56 story condominiums have been under construction for over three years. Now, as the structures begin to tower over the nearby City Ha

Factoids about the Marilyn Monroe Building and Absolute 5

. Condo Trivia By Stephen Weir Mississsauga's startling new condominium project. Story appeared in September 18, 2010 Toronto Star. Factoids only on website. Main feature appeared in print. FACTOIDS • Absolute 4 (Marilyn Monroe) has a rotation of 207 degrees from the base to the top. • Absolute 5 has a rotation of 200 degrees from the base to the top. • Absolute 4 (Marilyn Monroe) will reach 56 storeys. Each level has 9ft ceilings except the penthouse levels which will have 10ft ceilings • Marilyn Monroe has 428 suites; her shorter companion will have more … 453 in total. • Marilyn Monroe’s largest suite will be 3,500 sq feet, her smallest will be 545 sq ft • Marilyn Monroe will have 6 penthouse units, 100 21/2 -bedroom suites, 217 2-bedroom suites and only 28 1-bedroom units. There will be no bachelor units. • Amount of concrete that has been poured: 4400 cubic meters • Amount of concrete still to be poured: 1500 cubic meters • Absolute 4 and 5 share a common garage. There will be

Winnipeg sculptor donates pieces to the McMichael

The McMichael unveiled its plans to enhance the gallery grounds and build an outdoor Sculpture Garden featuring works by a well known Canadian artist Ivan Eyres at a media event early in September. Two of the large nine pieces that Ayres is donating have been cast and will soon be installed in Kleinburg. The remaining pieces will be cast over the next 18-months. The McMichael previously received confirmation on March 12, 2010 that the Federal and Provincial governments will contribute $4.2 million through the Infrastructure Stimulus Funding program to complete this major project. This money will be used to enhance the grounds of the public gallery. A fund raising project has been launched to cover the costs of installing Mr. Ayres work. CUTLINE: Upkar Arora, chair of the McMichael board of trustees, with from left, Michael Johnston, chair of the McMichael Foundation, Tom Smart, outgoing gallery executive director and board member David Loch. Three of nine maquettes created by Winnip