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Lock up the Reindeer and Elves

Santacide Hits Toronto Big This Winter By Stephen Weir for the Caribbean Camera Toronto night Skulkers kill Santa Claus every night.   They also deflate Santa snowmen and crush festive penguins. Even Rudolf and all his darn reindeer aren’t safe this holiday season.   It is a Toronto phenomenon that is rapidly growing by stabs and slashes.   Christmas inflatables left outside at night have suddenly become targets.   I call it Santacide, others might say I am just full of hot air! Toronto Real Estate office jokes with  faux Santa killing Last week I was visited by a CBC TV news videographer who followed me as I inspected the remains of blown up blow-up lawn ornaments that have fallen prey to knife, hatpin and a porto weed wacker attacks overnight. (CTV TV News did a story the same night about   teenagers caught on film stabbing a fully inflated lawn Santa in Etobicoke). The newsman came out because of my on-line reputation as the Santacide detective. For the past

Omni TV vibrates to a Caribbean beat on Saturdays

Caribbean Vibration TV Alain Arthur 14-years on TV By Stephen Weir for the Caribbean Camera Alain Arthur covers Toronto's Caribbean Tales Film Fete Every Saturday afternoon for the past 14-years Alain Arthur has been warmly welcomed into hundreds of thousands of households across Canada. He never gets old, he never gets fat (although wonder where that hair went anyway?) and he always has positive, fun stories to tell us about Caribbean Canadian culture. Not seen the show? This Saturday at 5.30 pm. Omni TV will be airing the best travel stories of 2017 with visits to Trinidad, St Vincent, Dominica, Barbados and the Bahamas.   On the last Saturday of the year Omni will be airing   the best   Caribbean Vibration 2017 celebrity interviews, including up close and personal chats with Machel Montana, PJ Puffy and many other Soca stars. Caribbean Vibration TV for this year. The show has a huge following not just on the Omni network, where each episode is aired twice every we

Obsidian Theatre is ready to hang the criminals

British play to get North American premiere early next year     By Stephen Weir In Today's Caribbean Camera newspaper The set has been designed.   The costumes are being decided on this week.   Rehearsals begin right after the holiday break. Toronto’s Obsidian Theatre is in full-speed-ahead mode for the February North American premiere of hang by the accomplished young black British-born Londoner debbie tucker green. (no capital letters please) Philip Akin Her 70-minute play, which has had a successful run in London, is set in the near future.   A victim of a crime has a meeting in a dark tunnel with two “officials” who demand she decide how the criminal who has harmed her family should be executed!   The audience never finds out what the crime was or who the officials really are –the police, government secret operators, or a private security firm? “This is strong material, the playwright confronts it head on.   She is poetic and the script is just so we