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Wine and Chocolate New Hampshire tour 2nd story written for Travel Marketing Experts and soon-to-be issued by New Hampshire tourism

. Granite State Pairs Chocolate and Martinis New New Hampshire Trail is Shaking And Stirring Tourists’ Road Trip Imagination with Chocolate Martini Tour Toronto– In New Hampshire the pairing of martinis and chocolate make for an original, tasty and fantastic getaway. For those who like their vacation shaken but not stirred, the Chocolate and Martini Tour has a licence to thrill. You could spend many nights sampling a delightfully-varied array of crème de cacao and vodka combinations in the great bars of New Hampshire’s Seacoast – from Roosevelt’s at Wentworth (their signature Stoli and Kahlua martini and the molten chocolate cake dripping with Valhrona are out of this world) to the Espresso Hazelnut and the rest of the martini menu at Green Monkey on Pleasant Street in downtown Portsmouth. Just around the corner on State Street, sample exceptional chocolates at Byrne & Carlson, produced in small batches using the finest ingredients. Driving your Aston Martin DBS V12, or hitting t