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Caribbean Camera: Hero waits for the bus to arrive

Nickolai Salcedo readies to climb aboard the world stage for  his role in the new Trini-Canadian flick By Stephen Weir It is not just actor Nickolai Salcedo who is waiting for a bus to arrive.   It is the whole cast and crew of the new Canadian / Trinidadian movie, Hero , that are anxiously wondering when and where their soon-to-be previewed film is going to take them. Salcedo plays Ulric Cross, the famed Trinidadian World War II airman. The Hero is a full-length docudrama that tells the story of the life and times of Cross. He was squadron leader for the Brits and went on after the War to become a jurist and diplomat. His life spanned key events of the 20th Century when independent African and Caribbean nations came of age.   It is all going to happen quickly.   Next week, at the September 5 th gala kick-off of Toronto’s Caribbean Tales Film Festival, Hero will be shown for the very first time.   Salcedo in Bloor St West coffee shop   “I am ready to go where-eve

Star of History of Black Dance show passes away

Day after a History of Black Dance in Canada exhibition came down, 92-year old pioneer dancer Ola Skanks passed away. By Stephen Weir Last month 92-year old dancer Ola Skanks was the star at the opening of an Ola Skanks by Stephen Weir exhibition about the history of the Black community and Canadian dance.   The show, Dancing Black in Canada, 1900 to 1970. “ was hung at the Ontario College of Art’s Ignite Gallery in Toronto’s Kensington Market. Ola Skanks, told me at the opening that she hadn’t danced in public for twenty-years, but, there was no way that she was going to miss the opening of the show. Besides, she had contributed a number of photographs and artifacts to exhibition. Born and raised in Canada, her Caribbean roots were important to her, and along with African influences impacted on her dance style. “My father was born in Barbados in 1892 and his name was Ethelbert Shepherd,” wrote Ola Skanks in an email to me late last month. “My mother was born in St.

The Kiss Of Paradise Puckers Up Around The World

Ed Hawk and Paradise Nicole Hendrickson arrive for interview -- sweirsweir photo Oprah Winfrey’s day in Paradise and other gigs for Toronto's Paradise Nicole Hendrickson By Stephen Weir Oprah Winfrey never looked so good!    It was “no biggie” for Toronto broadcaster, model, actress and Official Goodwill Ambassador for St Vincent and the Grenadines, Paradise Nicole Hendrickson to portray the Queen of All Media in a TV movie – it is all in a day’s work! “ Really it was just another gig, but it was fun,” explained Paradise Nicole Hendrickson. “ I do quite a bit of acting and modelling whether it be here in Toronto or where ever I am needed. I played Tasma Brighthaupt the wife of Anna Nicole Smith’s bodyguard in one episode of the Final 24 TV series. Then I was doing a fashion shoot!” Paradise   Although her bag is always packed and ready to roll, these days the former beauty queen is busy busy as the executive producer and host of Kiss of Paradise, a popular YouT