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. STRANGE PRESS RELEASE PAIRINGS MAKE FOR GOOD INK – A REVIEW OF A WEEK OF ODD PRESS RELEASES Publicists have known this for years – strange bedfellows can make for interesting news items. This week several press releases crossed our desk that linked very different influences into a singular item worthy of media attention! Did you know Jedi warriors like Mac and Cheese?   Or that Beer and Bourbon make for a much sought after limited edition Day of the Dead beverage? And coffee and pimples make for a sales winner. HEATING UP THE MAC AND CHEESE WITH A LIGHT SABRE:   Two iconic brands deeply rooted in popular culture, are teaming to make the coming release of a new Star Wars movie forceful. Kraft and Disney are now a PR Jedi Knights duo slaying the competition for media pick-ups! The just launched KRAFT " Star Wars Macaroni and Cheese" campaign includes a limited edition Star Wars themed product box, Star Wars / Mac and Cheese TV commercials, and the KRAFT

Star Power Sells - Scent of a Dead Star, Designer Tequila and the Rolling Stones; and, a high-performance watch designed by a cupcake.

. A ndy Kaufman Perfume.   Rolling Stones Tequila.  Johnny Cupcake G Watch. Name Recognition for Out-of-Character Products. This week it is all about how fame sells even when: the star is long dead;  the rock and roll riots ended decades ago and, the newest watch in the store has been designed by a T-Shirt company!  … Stephen Weir's Blog looks at the weekly whack of strange press releases that crossed my desk over the past seven days. Dead Comedian Andy Kaufman has his own stink! -  On the 11th of October  LA perfume maker Xyrena announced  that it has introduced a new scent.   Andy Kaufman Milk and Cookies is now being marketed in the United States to, according to the a Xyrena press release, to  "honour of Kaufman's life and works." Andy Kaufman has been dead for 41-years. In his lifetime there was never a perfume bearing his name or likeness .... but his estate has!  " "It's great to have Andy brought back, in any way, eve