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Mature Plus Magazine. Coburg, Ontario: Where growing older doesn't mean slowing down

. Downtown Historic Cobourg Palisade Gardens, and James Club   Where growing older doesn't mean slowing down Palisade Gardens, and James Club, Nothumberland’s   upscale but oh so affordable seniors' retirement condominium   and rental complex, is located in the heart of park filled historic Cobourg. Brought to life by Retirement Life Communities, these two adjacent residences allow couples and singles to live the retirement dream in Canada’s best small city. James Club - Coburg The two buildings are steps from downtown shopping and amenities, the heritage Waterfront Park, and the marina.   Palisade Gardens, and James Club are the ideal retirement residences for superb quality, yet affordable retirement living. The buildings have many, many features, including a variety of assisted living options that set them apart from every other seniors' residence in the district. The community-minded   and full-service environment offers residents everything from m

Notting Hall Carnival Not Happy With Police Tweets

. Meanwhile in England Tweet Dump on Police After Cops Send Out A Controversial Drug Post About This Week’s Notting Hall Carnival Britain’s Notting Hill Carnival is a year older and twice as large as Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival (and maybe much larger this year).   The annual event t has taken place in London since 1966 on the streets of Notting Hill, for two days every August. With an expected two million or so attendees, Notting Hill Carnival is Europe’s biggest street festival.   The   Carnival always takes place on the August Bank Holiday weekend, which this year is on August 27-28. The police always have a large presence at the annual parade which is self-described as the second largest parade in the world (next to Rio).   This year the police announced that there were being proactive when over 100 officers conducted a series of raids earlier this week.   According the British media “ More than 300 people have been arrested as part of an operation to preve

Getting Social About Her Abuse In The Canadian Forces

. A slighty different version of this was written for my Huffington Post blog By Stephen Weir I spent the 80s and early 90s working for a company that designed, built and marketed weapons and defense systems to the military.   I was often called upon to interact with military leaders at classified trade shows, product demonstrations and, of course, the never ending plant tours (The military Dog and Pony shows). In all my time on the job I never once helped with a Canadian Forces visit that included a high-ranking female officer.   The business of buying multi-million dollar defense systems was a Man’s World, after all, women weren’t allowed to lead troops onto the battlefield (although some NATO allies were more enlightened).   Sandra Perronn  Toronto park - sweir photo I left that world in 1993, and it wasn’t until last month that I actually met a senior female combat officer from the Canadian