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Cool is Hot. Some White Men Can Dance.

Justin Trudeau stopped by the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival BBQ One Year Later,  One Liberal Learns To Dance To A Soca Beat It is carnival time in the city of Toronto.  Soca Music. Mas. Calypso. A million people in the hot and hot streets. More media than at the G20.  For Federal Liberals,  the world famous Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival, has always had a  huge publicity attraction.  It is sometimes their PR Waterloo. And while Martha Reeves does say that  summer is here and the time is right for dancing in the street, it doesn't mean that a politician just has to show up to be instantly seen as being one with the people. It was a year ago, that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, rented a bus and rolled into town for what was then called Scotiabank Caribana.  He had a steel pan orchestra and champion calypso singer,  Macomere Fifi in tow.  They barnstormed the festival, entertaining the crowds with long speeches, soca and calypso music and spectacularly bad dancing.

Images from yesterday's Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival Launch

 THE 44th SCOTIABANK TORONTO CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL IS OFFICIALLY JUMPIN' UP !!! Successful Media Event: 75 media registered.  35 costumed Mas Dancers.  50 musicians. 15 cameras (TV, film makers and web based broadcasters), 5 radio stations and just one daily newspaper -- the Toronto Star!  Big Events? Mayor Ford danced with Mas Dancer and cut a special cake.  Michael Chan and Chief Bill Blair spoke at the opening. There was a silent protest by the Caribana Arts Group, owners of the Caribana trade mark.  Their protest signs didn't really explain why they were there (and the typos got a few laughs) giving it a minor role in a big event. Councillor Michael Thomson, Chris Alexander, Mayor Ford and Denise Herrera Jackson Jamaican Sprinter was introduced to auidence The CEO of Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival, Denise Herrera-Jackson, is interviewed by  Nathan Downer (CP-24)  live from Nathan Phillips Square  This press release was issued at the press co

No Butts About It (although judges liked his Butt!). Mr. CHIN Bikini chosen today

 Moonzir Butt Wins! Mr. CHIN International Bikini 201l chosen today at the Scotiabank CHIN International Picnic,  the Bandshell, CNE Grounds, Toronto. WINNER: This year’s winner is 22-year old Moonzir Butt.  The Oakville native beat out 14 other contestants in this evening’s outdoor competition. Second prize was awarded to 29-year old John Burdo and third place went to Troy Campbell. Immediately following the crowning of Moonzir Butt, the winner and two finalists were joined on stage by Serena DiMillo, the winner of yesterday’s Miss CHIN International Bikini contest.  Pictured above are, from left to right: John Burdo, Moonzir Butt, Troy Campbell and Serena DiMillo. The 3-day Scotiabank CHIN International Picnic is produced by CHIN radio /TV international; a Canadian radio and television broadcaster that produces and airs programming in over 30 different languages. The contribution of CHIN Radio to the cause of multiculturalism, understanding and tolerance between people of ma

MISS CHIN INTERNATION CROWNED (and info about tomorrow's male bikini contest and free David Rudder concert)

Miss CHIN International Bikini 201l chosen today at the Scotiabank CHIN Picnic, CNE Grounds, Toronto. WINNER:     SERENA DI MILLO is 26 years old.  Her background is Italian and she lives in Toronto. Serena has a BA in Accounting from the University of Guelph. She recently won Re-Max Rookie of the year for her work in real estate and said she hopes to be a role model for young girls if she wins Miss CHIN. (pictured). 1ST RUNNER UP: KATIE GIMON-VALENCIA is 21 years of age.  Her background is Colombian & Venezuelan and from Mississauga.  She speaks 3 languages including Italian, Spanish & French. She loves traveling and recently graduated from the Schulich School of Business at York. 2ND  RUNNER UP:    CRISITINA ŌDORICO. She is 25, her background is Italian and she lives in Toronto. Cristina is a fitness enthusiast and she recently competed in the Fitness Star Expo. She currently works as a full-time personal trainer. Cristine grew up attending t

Media Passes needed for photographers wanting to cover Saturday's Bikini contest

Media Tent Is Now WEST of the Bandshell (tent moved this morning - sorry) For Immediate Release: June 29, 2011 • Assignment Desks / Photo Editors (some of the Bikini Contest entrants attended a Friday afternoon VIP party at the Scotiabank Picnic and somehow ended up in the swimming pool - photo by Craigg Slowly)   MEDIA ADVISORY – PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES BANDSHELL Stage - FREE 12noon –– Miss CHIN International Bikini Pageant 2011, featuring MC Frank Spadone, and music entertainment by Abby Tobias & Sole Power, and Ashley Martinez 2:00pm – PORTUGUESE Festival, featuring PACO BANDEIRA, direct from Portugal;   and the first ever, Johnny Lombardi Portuguese-Canadian Singing Contest, featuring some of the most talented singers from the Portuguese community in one amazing show -   Lindsay Camara, Miguel Domingos, Maria dos Anjos, Paulo Filipe, Soraya Mejdoubi, Tony Ferreira, Stephanie Tavares and Steve Vierira, accompanied live by the band “Unique Touch”.   8:00pm - ITALIAN

Pick up your media pass for the Scotiabank CHIN picnic weekend

  Lenny Lombardi and this year's contestants in the Scotiabank CHIN Bikini Contest Pick Up Your Press Passes for  Scotiabank CHIN Picnic Friday July 1 (Canada Day Program Below), July 2 (Bikini Contest) and July 3rd (Caribbean Programming) at the Media Tent. Please visit the media tent pitched just east of the Bandshell Stage.  11.30 - 7pm (and yes, this is not one of my articles, but, because of Tweet problems I had to post this release on my writing blog) Below is the line-up for Friday MEDIA ADVISORY – PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES Scotiabank CHIN International Picnic – Day 1 Canada Day – Friday, July 1 -   HIGHLIGHTS FREE ADMISSION BANDSHELL Stage -   FREE 12:00pm - Canada Day Flag Raising Ceremony and National Anthem presided by Commander Davies Of The Canadian Navy, and Chris Korwin-Kuczynski, Board Director of the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto 12:15pm - Chinese Festival with headliner Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming 3:30pm - South Asian Festival with hea