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FESTIVAL CANCELLED (AGAIN) IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO AFRICAN FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL EVENT CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Toronto, August 23, 2013 ATTENTION: MEDIA, SPONSORS, VISITORS & GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS The Toronto African Film & Music Festival which was slated to be held August 30 – September 1, at the Toronto International Centre has been postponed. A new date will be announced shortly. There is one major reason why we are once again postponing the festival. The Federal Government’s Visa services staff are currently on strike and the pending visas for the African performing artists have not been processed as of yet. It has been decided to push back the dates, until the visa’s can be issued for the visiting performers.  This is the third time the event has been postponed and/or moved. Purchased tickets will be refunded over the next few days. For any further Information please contact Paris Rogers TAFMF Festival Director at 647-852-4072 or INFO@torontoafricanfilmmusi

Science and the King and Queen Competition

.  The Award for Innovation in Mas Goes to ‘The Hyper-Physical Being’   Hyper-Physical Being - photo by Anthony Berot   Toronto, ON (August 2, 3013) – With its ambiguous coils unraveling outwards and colourful wings reaching upwards, “The Hyper-Physical Being” is the winner of the Ontario Science Centre’s Award for Innovation in Mas presented last night at the King and Queen Competition at Lamport stadium. The spectacular creation was designed and built by Danzo Balroop and the team at Louis Saldenah’s Mas-K Club. The judging panel was made up of Walter Stoddard and Bernie Hillar of the Ontario Science Centre’s Science Content and Design B ranch, and Dr. Marsha Haynes, Medical Liaison for Merck Canada, who participated in many carnivals in her native Trinidad. “Tremendous research, problem-solving, experimentation and collaboration were clearly displayed at every camp we visited in the days leading up to the competition,” said Walter Stoddard. “’The Hyp


worker in the shark lagoon - Toronto DIVER MAGAZINE FACTOIDS §       There is a gift shop and food services in the aquarium. They are prepared to accommodate meat eaters and vegetarians §       The Aquarium will be open 365-days-a-year, starting in the early fall of 2013 §       The 96-metre-long (315 foot) moving walkway through an acrylic tunnel – which you will be able to step off and admire the sharks will be, according to Ripley’s, the longest indoor underwater tunnel in North America. §       Ripley’s has two other aquariums – one in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and the other in Gatlinburg, Tenn. §       Robert Ripley was a cartoonist, an adventurer and collector. He was born in 1890 in California and died in 1949.   His Believe It Or Not cartoons continue to be published. Two recent panels show a bull shark fetus with two-heads and a one-eyed shark (called Cyclops the Shark). Neither are coming to Toronto! §       Ripley’s Aquarium has pledged not to have

Diver Magazine Takes A Back Lot Tour

  Toronto, Believe It Or Not, You’re Gonna Get An Aquarium. Any Day Now! By Stephen Weir For once, the corporate name really does say it all.   Ripley’s is about to open a new aquarium in Toronto, and given the number of companies that tried and failed, it really is a case of Believe it Or Not!   The Toronto Aquarium - How it Will Look This Fall Construction continues on the Aquarium. The base of the CN Tower in back “Yes we have been working non-stop on this for almost two years, but the project has been a ten year struggle.” said Andy Dehart, the Ripley’s shark expert who is overseeing the daily arrival of live fish at the soon-to-open aquarium.   “Some people thought it would be built in Niagara Falls, with our other properties {the Ripley’s Museum and the Great Wolf Lodge), but here we are at the base of the CN Tower, only a few weeks away from (our debut).” Several companies have been jockeying to build an aquarium in Canada’s largest city