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  WALMART WORKS WITH KWAME DELFISH TO CELEBRATE BHM In a press release issued by Walmart Canada to mark Black History Month(BHM), the large retail outlet turned the spotlight on Caribbean Canadian artist Kwame Delfish. The Toronto artist was commissioned by Walmart to design their exclusive Black History Month merchandise celebrating Black excellence. Who better to hire? As a multidimensional artist, with a career spanning over 30 years, Kwame’s most recent work includes designing both the 2022 and 2023 Commemorative Black History Month coins featuring the Underground Railroad and the No. 2 Construction Battalion for the Canadian Mint. According to Walmart, Delfish’s BHM design, entitled "The Tree of Heroes," encourages individuals to use their imagination to dream big and pursue their goals regardless of the systemic barriers that they will inevitably encounter on their journey. We become empowered to push through adversity when we see ourselves in others who share our ident


  What If You Spend the End of Black History Month In Mississauga check out Carnival Parade costumes? Looks like Mississauga's Black History Month's final significant event for 2024 is set to take place this Sunday at the city’s Small Arms Inspection Building on Lakeshore Road. The Freedom Mas Band is concluding the month with the year's first Carnival costume launch, which they've named the Black History Month Carnival Edition! The Freedom Mas Band is an integral part of the annual Toronto Caribbean Carnival and is scheduled to participate in the Grand Parade in Toronto on August 3rd. Band leader Johanna Grant shared with reporter Stephen Weir that the Band Launch on Sunday afternoon will unveil their new costume lines inspired by the 2024 theme, "What If." The free launch event is scheduled to run from 11 am to 6 pm. Alongside the adult and children carnival costume launch, there will be a vendor's market, music, and activities for children. Throughout


 Fantazia already dreaming about  making their Caribana costumes! costume launch 2013 by Parris Visuals You know that spring is right around the corner when Wiarton Willie doesn’t see his shadow, the kid’s snowman is now a puddle and Fantazia has posted posters for their Spring 2024 costume launch! The mas band is marking its 15th annual launch on April 14th this year at the Peter N Paul Banquet Hall in Scarborough (Milner Ave). And, while band leader Will Morton says it is a little early yet to let all the details of the coming fete, in a recent talk with the Caribbean Camera he let a few things slip out including the theme of the party. “We are coming a month earlier than last year,” said band co-leader Will Morton. “We hope to be bigger than in 2023. But don’t want to say too much right now about but as the picture on our website show, it is Uncut Gemz!” “We will be announcing our sections and the gemstones that they are (using for inspiration).” And yes, diamonds in the rough wil

When Sisters Speak

  The Spoken Words Of Dwayne Morgan Dwayne Morgan is a name that has been garnering attention recently. The Scarborough spoken word poet delivered a performance on the first day of Black History Month at the Power Plant art gallery at Harbourfront. Next month, he is set to present "When Sisters Speak" at the St Lawrence Centre as part of Black Mental Health Week. On January 1st of last month, to be precise, he received the Order of Ontario! Since 1993, Dwayne Morgan has been a prominent figure and an integral part of Canada's spoken word and live arts scene. Affectionately nicknamed 'The Godfather' of Canadian spoken word poetry, Morgan has been providing a platform for women of color to share their stories and experiences through spoken word poetry for the past 24 years. "When Sisters Speak" is the largest and longest-running spoken word showcase featuring Black women in North America. This year's event will be held on March 9 as part of Black Menta

To Russia and other pictures and videos for Windsor U evaluation

 Support videos, you tube links and still photos  to back up my Windsor University Competency application - Stephen Weir producer, writer and key grip. Various TV shows and gallery mini-movies, and interviews with authors, artists and performers for our social media video site the Canadian Art Channel (100+) Russia Trip 2000 - TV special for Outdoor Life TV I was part of a TV expedition to travel from North America to Asia, on Sea Doos.  We were to be the first PWC (personal water craft) drivers to travel between the two continents. We took a chase boat and three Bombardier Sea Doos to Teller, Alaska and set off on the longest day of the year across the Bering Straits. Teller is Alaska's most northerly port and 1 degree south of the Arctic Circle. I assisted with the driving of one of the PWC, was a camera grip, mini-camera operator, the segment writer and assistant editor. We damaged one of the Sea Doos on pack ice and ended featuring only two watercraft in the 1-hr documentary. W

Aree Artists Centre played host to the standing room only show, aptly titled "Sensational Vistas,"

The Walls are Adorned with Art (and the food was pretty damn good too). In a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity, the Canadian Caribbean Community gathered last week at the Danforth art gallery for an art show opening that felt more like a lively fete than a traditional art exhibition. The Aree Artists Centre played host to the standing room only show, aptly titled "Sensational Vistas," featuring the photographic masterpieces of four seasoned artists. The gallery walls adorned with 24 captivating works, all but one available for purchase. Ian P. Grant, David Lewis, and Benjamin Alunyo Lis had their creations up for grabs, while Anthony Berot's images remained exclusively for admiration. The absence of one collective member, Peter Faure, hung heavily in the air, as the longtime artist had recently passed away. His daughter, Lisa Faure, paid homage to her late father by showcasing five of his pieces, with the crowd favoring his popular work, "PanPan is Desperado.

Sky High Footage and Alaska Adventure



EDGY PRODUCTION OF 'CARMEN" COMING TO TORONTO'S MERIDIAN HALL America meets Spain on the Canadian stage this evening American dancer Kayoko Everhart born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and an African American father takes on the lead role in Spain's Compania Nacional de Danza's edgy production of "Carmen." This classic opera is set in Seville and explores, through dance, the consequences of jealousy and rage when the young gypsy Carmen refuses to be controlled by Don José. While Carmen represents freedom and independence, Don José symbolizes the struggle between his obsession for her and his duty as a soldier. The company performed last night in Toronto and apparently blew the lid off the staid Meridian Hall (St Lawrence Centre) will be performing again tonight (SATURDAY 3 FEB 24), and then they leave town. Will file a report after the show.