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New Rob Stewart Film Debuts At TIFF

The Revolution To Change The World Begins Underwater
 An edited version of this story appears in this month's Diver Magazine Revolution is a new big brain movie for divers who care about the planet. Underwater filmmaker Rob Stewart premiered the full-length film in early September at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Already Revolution is doing what Stewart wants it to do – change the world. The movie captured the People’s Choice Award Documentary  (Runner-Up) in his hometown and was Documentary Winner at last month’s Atlantic Film Festival.  It will be screening at Festivals for the next few months before getting theatrical release in Canada in March 2013. Revolution is the true-life eco-crusade that the Toronto diver found himself leading, half way through making the movie.  The film, originally meant as a shark conservation film – a follow-up to his acclaimed 2006 SHARKWATERdocumentary – ended back on land and morphed into something much much bigger.
It took eight years i…

Toronto sculptor's touring European exhibition now at Art Gallery of Ontario

. "HOPE I DIE BEFORE GET OLD" (Oops too late) Maybe, says Canadian artist but that was a long time AGO
From the Huffington Post by Stephen Weir
It was the sixties. Vietnam.  Nuclear testing in the Pacific.  Sgt Pepper. And, the Who singing they hoped their generation would die before it got old.
What could be worse than aging?  Cutting your hair? Buying a suit?  Cubicles? Getting a mortgage?
The song didn't work.  Most of us lived. We all grew old.  Overnight. No one thought about what was going to happen as the aging process took hold ... except maybe Canadian sculptor, Evan Penny.
When Peter Townsend wrote My Generation (with that famous dying line) it was 1965 and the Who were pointing out that older people just "don't get it". 
Evan Penny was 12-years old and had just moved to Canada from Africa where his father had practised medicine. He was  an outsider on the edge of the Boomer Bu…


. Chasing Ink With Camera! One Day On A Little Cayman Dive Boat

Little Cayman Island, population 200, attracts only two types of visitors.  Ornithologists. Experienced Scuba Divers.
Ornithologists because of the birds. The largest colony of Red Footed Boobies in the Caribbean is found on Little Cayman's Booby Pond. Scuba Divers go there because of the sheer wall of coral found in the island's underwater preserve, just north of the island.
My wife and I returned from Little Cayman Island on Sunday.  We weren't there for the birds.
We spent most of our week on a couple of dive boats. One large scuba boat was operated by Reef Divers out of the Little Cayman Resort.  The other, a small Boston Whaler operated by three divers, was out on the reef hunting the invasive lionfish.
Big or small, on Little Cayman the dive boats attract mature divers.  Youngest diver on the Reef Divers boat with us was probably 40.  The Oldest? 85 and counting.
A mature crowd meant people experienced in the s…