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When Steel Talks, Toronto Listens (On-line)

Heritage Toronto Bangs The Drum Slowly For Caribbean Canadians   By  STEPHEN WEIR   The voices and pictures of the heroes of Toronto’s steel band community has come to the Internet.  Earlier this year Heritage Toronto posted an audio and  written  experience that   explores the contributions and importance of the steelpan to Toronto's music and Caribbean community through the first-hand accounts of four leading steelpan artists.   Andre Rouse, Earl LaPierre Jr, Thadel Wilson and Wendy Jones are the stars of this online history that has recently been made by Heritage Toronto. It is posted on their popular website under the title of  Timbre from Trinidad to Toronto. Heritage Toronto is an agency of the city that celebrates the heritage and the diverse stories of its people, places, and events here in Toronto. This high-profile department tells the city’s story through a number of popular programs, including tours, plaques, and online exhibits now including the story of pan in the GTA


Toronto fashanistas cheer long and loud for Patricia Jaggernauth It was a given that Patricia Jaggernauth would be back in the spotlight again. After resigning from TV station CP24 and taking the broadcaster to Canadian Human Rights Commission with claims of systemic racism, fans of the popular Caribbean Canadian announcer took to social media to say they were in mourning. Well Toronto, you can put away your veils and black clothing Patricia is back and Howdy.    Last week the former weather announcer was on the cat walk looking anything but FAT dressed to the nine’s as a star model at the Fashion Art Toronto festival’s (FAT). “That moment (when I stepped out) was the celebration of a new chapter” she posted.”That moment was everything.” 30 fashion designers took part in this November’s FAT. For over ten years the fashion part cultural arts fete has presented the city's designers, creators and models with this multi-day happening. Held at the    Parkdale Hall on Queen Street West i


" Whatz The Day Trump Goes Away (For Good)?”   Author STEPHEN WEIR's business card FICTION: A Windsor U Creative Writing Assignment by STEPHEN WEIR The gentle tap tap quickly birthed a knock knock followed by a kick kick at the base of my front door. Someone wanted me wide awake, like yesterday. “Hey Dream Boy,   rise and shine,” barked a loud voice from the other side of my solid oak front door. Was that   a faint French accent lurking in that military staccato? “ Mange la merde”, I screamed back.     I wasn’t going to give up on my disturbing nightmare without a fight and I knew this man. “ It’s Justin, he knows.” My unrequested wake-up service out shrieked me. This wasn’t going to end well. “What does his majesty know? And why does he suddenly want to speak to me after the last time? “I took it down a notch. “The PM knows about you and Monsieur Trump. Aussi Mr. Joe.” ‘How could this be?’ I asked myself.     I only finished the dream when he started kicking the door minutes