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CeeCee Beats FiFi By Putting On THE DRESS. Calypso Monarch Results

.  The Dress :  Joel Was Man Enough To Wear It ... A nd Has Tara's Crown To Prove It. .... from Facebook  Tara Banks and Joel Davis at the Calypso Monarch contest in Toronto Last night's Calypso Monarch competition had an ending that made one cross dresser happy and had the competition's most winning singer losing to her imitator! Connector / Macomere CeeCee (Joel Davis) is Toronto’s New 2016 Calypso Monarch! He was the most popular choice at the competition, beating perennial winner Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods) with his winning composition entitled “The Dress”. He beat o ut 12 contestants on Sunday night at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre. Macomere CeeCee Joel Davis, who had hinted earlier in the year he may not compete made it into the finals by coming up with a good song, innovative lyrics and a willingness to appear on stage in drag. This is not the first time that a Calypso singer has dressed as the opposite gender, but, Connect


WINNER OF THE BAND COMPETITION AT THE JUNIOR CARNIVAL Results from Saturday's Junior Carnival Parade. Just in case you missed my Tweet from the Junior Carnival Parade on Saturday. Carnival Nationz is the band of the year at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival's Junior Carnival Parade. Jamaal Magloire's Toronto Revellers place second. Third place went to Louis Saldenah's Mas K Camp. JUNIOR CARNIVAL QUEEN Results from Saturday's Junior Carnival Parade. The Junior Carnival Queen this year is Kaia Cassell, for her portrayal of The Carian …. Spirit Of The Bird People. She is with Carnival Nationz. The Nest. Second Place honours go to Caneisha Edwards for her portrayal of The Flamingo Queen. She is with Dexter Seusahai's Tribal Carnival. Paradise. Third Place honours were won by Madison Defreitas-Robinson for her portrayal of The Locust and The Warrior. She is with Louis Saldenah's Mas-K Club. Outta Africa. Fourth Place was taken by Mellissa Perry as Tlalte

Ontario asked for input in creating an Underwater Preserve

Local and US Federal Agencies Looking At Wrecking Lake Ontario by Stephen Weir from the June issue of Diver Magazine Breaking News:  Four New York counties, a small upstate city and the State of New York itself, have asked the Province of Ontario, the Ontario Underwater Council, and the Save Ontario Shipwreck association to support a plan to create a shipwreck preserve and marine habitat in the Eastern end of Lake Ontario.  The Province is being urged by Ontario divers to consider adding its own preserve in the wreck rich area of the lake near Prince Edward County and Amherst Island. The American counties: Jefferson, Oswego, Cayuga and Wayne, the City of Oswego and the New York State government are proposing the creation of an underwater and wreck conservation zone for south eastern Lake Ontario. The project is designed to “preserve, protect, promote and create economies around such submerged resources”.  It takes in 1,746 square miles of water with depths rangin