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The United Trinbago West Indian Association is offering scholarships for Caribbean Canada students living in Ontario.

Five Ontario high school students will get scholarships in December. By Stephen Weir: Time is running out for Ontario high school students to apply for the United Trinbago West Indian Association (UTWIA) Scholarship Program. One month from today in fact! The Toronto based UTWIA is awarding $500 scholarships for f ive high school student with at least one parent who identifies as Caribbean, and who is about to enter a Canadian college or university. “The purpose behind this program is to support an underrepresented community and inspire Caribbean-Canadian youth to pursue further education,” says Tony Chankar, Chair of the West Indian Association. “Five students will be awarded a $500 scholarship, with each scholarship named after a donor.’ This year there are six donors; Bedessee Imports Ltd, Ena and Tony Chankar, Dr. Jay, the Soca Prince, Rita and Mahadeo Sankar, Laulit Rai and Unique Window Tinting & Detailing. To apply for the scholarships online student must meet a number of c