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Art Show For Divers Only - Florida Keys


Take in a photo show by one of the world’s top photographers, Don’t forget a 5-minute stop after exiting the exhibition
 from Diver Magazine & on-line at Huffington Post

By Stephen Weir
It is an international happening -- an art show that will have you holding your breath -- but only for so long. People in-the-know who have a C-card and the willingness to swim with big fishes, have been making underwater pilgrimages this spring in the Florida Keys to see the hidden work of Austrian artist Andreas Franke.
Considered one of the 200 best photographers in the world, Franke has once again taken his art underwater in the new show: The Sinking World – The Vandenberg Project #2. This is the fourthtime that he has put together a composite photography exhibition that can only be seen wreck diving!
The photographer’s newest underwater art exhibition has been installed on the wreck of the 523-foo…

Selfie taking tourists and drowned refugees are the muses for some of the figures in a new underwater museum in the Canary Islands

Divers take note - Jason deCaires Taylor's Museo Atlantico now open

By Stephen Weir

Underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor just got serious.  The British diving artist who has created large underwater sculpture gardens in the waters of Grenada and Mexico. has just launched a project in the waters of the Canary Islands that acknowledges the plight of boat people.
While his Caribbean sunken galleries have tended to be playful, sometimes religious, the newest project of the 41-year old, skewers important world issues from climate chage to conservation to migration.
Earlier this month he opened the first phase of Museo Atlantico – an art project he describes as “the first underwater contemporary art museum in Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.” There are 300 life-sized figures standing at bottom 14 metres down – more are on the way.
“It is still in construction, over 250 more works will be added in the coming year” the artist told Diver Magazine. “It will be complete in January 2017.”