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The gallery with no air(s) and 24 minutes of viewing time

  Art Exhibition on the sunken hull of the USS Mohawk - 30 miles into the Gulf from For Myers Fort Myers shipwreck Enjoy the 12 -work exhibitions but always mind the sharks By Stephen Weir   From the Huffington Post It is an international happening -- an art show that will have you holding your breath -- but only for so long.  People in-the-know and who have access to dive equipment, a big boat and the willingness to swim with big fishes, have been making underwater pilgrimages all summer to see the hidden work of Austrian artist Andreas Franke . Underwater closeup of hull art show Considered one of the 200 best photographers in the world, Franke has taken his art underwater in the new show: The Sinking World Of Andreas Franke - Mohawk Project – Life Above Refined Below (  This is the third time that he has put together a composite photography exhibition that can only be seen underwater. Underwater closeup of hull

The summer of the pinball tilts out Monday

  Game On 2.0 Game Outs end of Monday in Toronto Game On 2.0 has been the most popular summer kids' exhibition to play in Toronto for years and years. Sadly the Ontario Science Centre's interactive exhibition flippers out end-of-day, Labour Day Monday. "Outstanding, that is all I can say," exclaimed Anna Relyea, the Science Centre's director of public relations.  " Kids, and their parents took to this exhibition right from our opening press conference back in the spring." This fingers-on show traces the 60-year evolution of the computer game beginning with the pinball machine, moving onto Pong and ending with a futuristic 3-D dome game called Virtusphere .  Virtusphere is played  from the inside of 10-foot hollow sphere -- the user runs freely inside while wearing a wireless, head-mounted display. In all there are 150  games and all of them work.  Gamers can learn about the science that goes into making a computer game, or the