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Kiddies Parade - 2,000 in costumes while 8,000 cheered them on

THE KIDDIES PARADE - ANOTHER BIG WIN FOR THIS YEAR'S TORONTO'S CARIBBEAN FESTIVAL --> By Stephen Weir  You could tell that everyone was pumped to cheer on the children.   A city ambulance stuck a Trinidadian flag on its hood. A Caribbean man donned a banana costumes and walked the parade route handing out bananas to the junior revellers.   Local politicians waved and cheered and parents cried for joy when they saw their kids play mas on Neilson Road in Malvern! If you can ignore the punishingly hot sunshine and the lack of a cooling wind, Saturday’s Junior Carnival Parade and Family Day. There were over 2,000 little masqueraders wearing costumes belonging to nine competing bands. An estimated 8,000 people lined the parade route and sat in the stands to wildly clap and cheer at one of Canada’s biggest children’s costume parade. On Saturday morning Mayor John Tory and Deputy Mayor, Michael Thompson, along with other councillors and MPPs cut a ribbon to

What you need to know about the Carnival’s Crown Jewel

The Grand Old Grande Parade.  Best hang on to your feathers. Sure the parade is in its 52nd year and it is very much the same old same old. However, there are additions and changes to the grand old Grand Parade that spectators should be aware of to get the most out of the August 3rd  world famous road march. First of all the parade is bigger, noisier and longer than last year – the route is 8km in length almost twice the distance in2018.  The parade is larger and will take much longer to play out along Lakeshore Blvd and in the Exhibition Place grounds. Third, the pan orchestras are back in the parade and will certainly make themselves heard above the roar of the crowd. Chris Alexander the head honcho at the carnival office spoke to the Caribbean Camera about the changes and upgrades to the Saturday parade. The bands, beginning at 9.30 am will present themselves in this order: guest bands, competitive bands and then non-competitive bands. Steel bands will round ou

If you are reading this and it is Friday - fuhgeddaboudit

Tonight. I snoozed and now I lose out on the summer best masquerade fete – Beyond the Mas. By Stephen Weir I f you don’t have a ticket for tonight’s Toronto Caribbean Carnival Gala put your wallet away.   Organizers of the “Beyond the Mas – A Celebration of Freedom” fete report that the 400-seat event is sold out. This time it is true, if you snooze you loose.   What you are going to miss is a formal party where the guests are encouraged to come in their finest Mas costumes, and dance and play with the Hoi  Polloi of Toronto’s festival world. You are also going to miss a luscious Caribbean dinner with island influenced cocktails! “This is not your average gala,” one organizer told the Caribbean Camera. “This will be a fabulous interactive party where the ticket holders are part of the magic and the thrill of Carnival.” Beyond the Mas – A Celebration of Freedom is being held this evening at the Riviera Banquet Hall ( 2800 Highway 7). The event starts at 6.00 pm on Friday