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Patrick where for art thou - tale of theft and intrigue in the US Virgin Islands

Recent Fluff From Stephen Weir's Many December Facebook Postings . If he says Patrick a few times, you know he is hot ... and he is probably an illegal alien! While doing some research into a recent fatality in the US Virgin Islands, I searched through a number of recent press releases issued by the USVI police information officer. Serious business, but, I still was amused to read about a stolen parrot, who likes to say Patrick over and over and over again. Ac cording to the police, earlier today thieves on the island of St Croix stole two male African parrots, a power generator and a gate lock from a farm.  The police say the value of the items was $4,200 and have asked locals to keep an ear out for any parrots saying Patrick. They are asked to call Crime Stoppers and say the word Patrick (over and over and over again).

If a Tree Exhibition was staged in the forest would ....

. THE McMICHAEL CANADIAN ART COLLECTION NEW EXHIBITION LISTING INFORMATION  The McMichael Tree Project                 January 28 to April 22, 2012                                                                                                This winter and spring, the McMichael celebrates the artistic, cultural,and natural aspects of the tree with two breathtaking exhibitions, a variety of  programs, and special  installations.  As part of this project, the McMichael presents the exhibition,  The Tree: Form  and Substance,  which provides an exciting  opportunity for us to connect the gallery's  interior spaces with our  newly invigorated outdoor spaces and forested landscape, for the very first time. In conjunction with our own exhibition, the gallery also presents  The Tree: From the Sublime to the Social , organized and circulated by the Vancouver Art Gallery; an exhibition that considers the tree as a subject in art from the early twentieth