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Curtain Walls coming to high-end Toronto high-rise condos

The December 1st Saturday Star ran a feature story and lengthy sidebar that I wrote about Curtain Wall windows for high-end Toronto high-rise condos. Both the feature and the sidebar article is available for reading on the Star's website . BUILDING TECHNOLOGY Curtain rising on glass walls High-profile projects are trading concrete walls for massive windows thanks to curtain-wall' technology Dec 01, 2007 04:30 AM Stephen Weir Special to the Star Is the curtain set to come down on the traditional, aluminum-framed condo window? Is a new industrial style about to eliminate condominium owners' two biggest pains in the glass – moisture and mould? Toronto is about to find out as several highrise project designers have decided that ultra-expensive curtain wall glass is the chic way to let light in and keep water out. Windows come in many tints, shapes and sizes but almost all are installed using what builders call a window wall system: