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Kuumba won't be jumping this Black History Month. All February live events postponed/cancelled

KUUMBA DEAD IN THE (FROZEN) WATER,  BUT SOME ACTS COMING THIS SPRING Trixx No official announcement has been issued by Harbourfront yet about the possible cancellation of their  Kuumba   Festival  but the word on the street is that the annual event is on life support.  Kuumba, Toronto’s keynote festival marking  Black Futures Month  (Black History Month), was scheduled to run from February 1-28.  Because of Covid, it has already postponed and cancelled all the advertised keynote live events.   In December the Caribbean Camera interviewed Kuumba organizers about the return of comedy, theatre, authors and dance. Before we could publish the story about the coming of live Black entertainment to Kuumba (in 2021 it was an on-line festival) the Province stepped in with Covid restrictions that have made it almost impossible for Kuumba to pull it off by next week!   Just after New Years the  government ordered the closure of all festivals, indoor concerts and live performances in Ontario. The l

Caribbean Flavours - It Is An Art

Foodways: Caribbean Flavours.  Three chefs bring sunshine to  the Art Gallery of Ontario La-toya Fagon By Stephen Weir There is an art to appreciating Caribbean cooking and fine dining, and there is no better place to learn about it than the Art Gallery of Ontario! For the next two Friday afternoon, two of the city’s most loved Caribbean chefs will be on-line schooling AGO patrons about the fine art of Caribbean Flavours!  The 45-minute talks are called  Foodways: Caribbean Flavours  and feature chef and food stylists Roger Mooking, La-Toya Fagon and  Selwyn Richards ( pictured left ). Hosted by the gallery’s Executive Chef Renée Bellefeuille, Foodways is a new conversation series that brings together food experts the art world to explore the intersection of culinary practices, memory and art.  The guest chefs reflect on their own Foodways, inspired by the AGO’s current exhibition  Fragments of Epic Memory. The large art Caribbean exhibition blends historical and contemporary stories,

End of the Road for the original Patties Express

  Patties Wave Goodbye To Yonge Street By Stephen Weir    Hungry hipsters. Out-of-towners looking to sample Patties Express’s finest Patty and Coco Bread special. Hospital workers rushing for a cheap and cheerful lunch take-out. Street people looking for hardy midnight snacks are about to go into mourning now that the word is out. Patties Express is about to close its downtown landmark Yonge and Elm Street take-out.   Patties Express isn’t going broke because of Covid. In fact their four outlets are going gangbusters and have plans for more outlets in town. Blame it on Toronto’s Condo craze. Located a block south of the Yonge and Gerrard intersection, the building that has housed the famous Jamaican style Patty is making way for  67-storey 819 condominium retail mega tower.   “ This is so unfortunate - you are our  go-to  at the Toronto General when staff is too busy to grab lunch,” posted a hospital worker on social media. “You will surely be missed especially by the Transplant Team!”

Damian Garth Brown

After working with  Idris Elba it was time for a Caribbean Pizza By Stephen Weir With Hollywood stardom just one TV show away you soon won’t need me to tell you that the man in the picture is  Damian Garth Brown  an up and coming Jamaican-Canadian actor.  He is making a name for himself as a stage actor, a model, and a stand-in movie double and most recently in a made-in California Caribbean TV series.     Damian Brown   When you have workmates like  Kate Winslet  and  Idris Elba  cheering you on from the sidelines, it is no shocker to learn that Damian Brown has gotten the advice he needs to make it in Hollywood.  … Big Time.   At 6”2”  Damian Garth Brown  has a real presence when he stands in front of the camera. No wonder it was Adios Toronto, Hello Vancouver when he got the career boosting call to come to British Columbia and stand-in for superstar  Idris Elba  during the filming of  The Mountain Between Us .   That 2018 feature film (now showing on  Amazon Prime) , starring Elba a

Tribute to Renfrew's Late Guitarist Eric Kauffeldt

  Remembering Eric Kauffeldt (Stephen Weir Facebook article, 1/03/2022) Back in the day when I lived in Renfrew, the town's first newspaper, the Mercury, was still printing with lead type. It was a weekly labour of love paper, and was read by everyone in town. In 1967 Obituaries couldn't wait a week in the Mercury. Editor Norm Wilson scotch taped, as soon as he wrote them, death notices on the front window of the paper on Raglan Street. The Young Lads (male senior citizens) would hang out in front of the Mercury to check out who had passed. When you asked a "Young Lad" how he was doing, he'd say " not in the Merc's front window, so I must be okay". Now, some 55 years later, the Mercury has been taken over by the Toronto Star, and the obits are posted on the web and not the window. I left town in 1969, but I still remember the people who treated me with friendship and fun. And now, as a senior I have entered that stage in life when your friends