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When a child smiles an exhibition is opened!

Minister and Lieutenant Governor Mark 50th by Opening Show By Stephen Weir --> Over fifty-two million people – many of them Toronto students – have visited the Ontario Science Centre. So, it was only fitting that students were invited to attend last Friday’s 50 th birthday party. While the students were involved in some mad-scientist looking experiments, The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and The Honourable Michael Tibollo, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, marked the 50 th anniversary by touring Inventorium 2.0 , the Centre's newest exhibition. The new science exhibit brings visitors’ imagination to life through a range of hands-on activities, including coding, lasering, science art making and weaving. The Science Centre has always been a unique cultural attraction (for Toronto students)," said the Honourable Michael Tibollo, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. "This year, we celebrate the many w

Big Things For B Town (and Montreal too!)

Tribute to the Legends of Reggae By Stephen Weir Denise Jones announces Tribute line-up at BHM launch   The exciting thing about Black History Month is that it brings to this country Caribbean entertainer who might not normally tour in a cold cold Canadian winter.   On Saturday February 16 th and Sunday February 17 th there will be Tribute to the Legends of Reggae performed first in Brampton and then in Montreal, with over 30 singers, comedians and musicians including Jamaica’s Lieutenant Stitchie, Tiger, Pinchers and Canada’s Exco Levi. The Tribute will be performed first at the 600-seat Rose Theatre in downtown Brampton on Saturday night (doors open 7pm).   On Sunday the show takes to the road for a performance in Quebec at the Jamaica Association of Montreal Hall, 4065 Jean-Talon West.   “ Yes it will be a party of 30 who will ride in a luxury coach to Montreal to warm up the Belle Province with dancehall lyrics and rhythms,” promoter Denise Jones told the Ca

There is an art to Black History Month in Toronto

--> Dictator Wall - Power Plant. Omar Ba paintings Putting Omar Ba up against a white wall. By Stephen Weir Up against the white wall by Stephen Weir According to African painter Omar Ba, it doesn’t matter where young people are – Africa, Switzerland or even Toronto – they share the same dream, a deep-seated burning desire to freely travel the world.   Ba, a rising star in Senegal and Switzerland, opened his first Canadian solo exhibition entitled Same Dream at Harbourfront’s Power Plant art gallery on Friday night in front of a packed house.   “Same Dream is the title of my exhibition and it is the name of one of the key paintings in my show,” Omar Ba said. “This idea came to me after an exhibition I did in Paris. I want to look at young people who long to go out and discover the world. When I am in my studio in Dakar, I hear young people say they want to see it all, and, I realize that that was I. In my painting (which hangs in the show) I am one of t

Black History Month presser in Toronto - 90+ events in February

Model Beverlyn Asante wears golden headdress by Dawn Grant Black History Month: No Time To Sleep.  Events almost every hour of the day for 28 days straight By Stephen Weir It’s not a big secret – Toronto is about to become the epicentre for the country’s most important Black History events this February. At a press conference on Tuesday, Black History Month organizers and key officials from the Toronto Dominion Bank unveiled a record number of 90+ different February events that will occur for the most part in the GTA. The presser was held at A Different Booklist Cultural Centre on Bathurst Street. It was a full-house with radio, television and print journalist on hand to learn about all-things-Black beginning next week. Damcers' Duet Inside The A Different Booklist's Community Centre Music. Fashion. History. Food. Performance.  There is a mammoth formal gala, crazy good concerts and small unique happenings for 28 days in a row.  It all begins next