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Canadian Charity Helps In Trinidad At Christmas

In Trinidad These Toronto Angels Walk Softly And Carry A Big ChequeBy Stephen Weir
Tony Chankar was a hard man to track down this Christmas holiday. The Scarborough printer and community leader was in Trinidad visiting family and literally out everyday of his trip spreading the love on behalf of Toronto’s UNI-TNT with those in need. It took three-days of trying before we connected by phone. “Well today we gave $15,000 TT to the RapidFire Kidz Foundation here in Trinidad and Tobago” said Mr. Chankar. “This money, which we raised in Toronto, is helping the kids who are in the hospital over the holidays at the San Fernando General Hospital. It is Trinidad’s big hospital and there is a real need.” “We did a presentation today to the organization which gives presents and baskets to everyone in the Children’s ward. RapidFire is a church driven charitable foundation in Trinidad that has been doing outstanding work in the community for a number of years.” Tony Chankar and his family have liv…