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First Underwater Poker Game

Follow on item to underwater records Flickr, photography's social media site, has recently put on line an emmense collection of public archives photographs. A quick search through the photographs that have already had subject tags added, found what may be the first ever photographed underwater poker game! Photographed in May 1951, the 4x5" b&w photograph show an underwater poker game. the picture was taken at Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida, home of the famed breath-holding Weeki Wachee girls (in mermaid costumes). The photograph is part of Florida' Department of Commerce collection and is resident in Tallahassee, Florida. According to the collection there is an accompanying note with the photo which reads "Dick & Shirley Woolery, Bud & Patsie Boyett, and Rudy & Thelma Halabuck. Poker game."

Follow Up: Peter Hughes has left his Fleet!

Peter Hughes quits as president of his former company. Stays in Florida but now runs a Galapagos Live Aboard Dive Boat In the last issue of Diver Magazine, travel editor Stephen Weir revealed that Live Aboard Dive Boat operator Peter Hughes had sold his industry leading Peter Hughes Dive operation. One month after that article appeared Hughes told Weir that he has left the employ of Wayne B. Brown, the current owner of Peter Hughes Diving and the principal owner of the Agressor Fleet. " IT is bitter, sweet for sure. My last day with Peter Hughes Diving was May 15th, 2010 and now I am on my own " Hughes first order of business has been to purchase the startup company DivEncounters, Inc. of which he is now the President. He is based in Florida near Miami. His immediate responsibility will be to handle the affairs of the M/V Galapagos Sky (formerly Sky Dancer), ensuring the continued high standard of operation. Hughes says there is possible product expansion in the future. Hug

Full Contact on Queen Street

. Photography Festival has the Message and the Medium but at the grand opening, where is the Media? Friday photography show opening draws crowds but not the cameras Hot show and very hot festival uses McLuren as inspiration but private launch runs cold with the media. What is the message here? In 1974 I took a number of pictures of Marshall McLuhen as he addressed the media covering the annual Juno Awards. My close friend, Dave Tollington was working for RPM Magazine - the creators of the music award - and got me in the side door and let me take a half a roll of black and white film before shushing me away from the cooler filled with O'Keefe lager beer. My notes from that session are long gone. I don't remember anything he did say. I do know from my student newspaper tear sheet, that he did talk about popular culture to the people who promoted such big stars (back then) as Terry Jacks, Anne Murray, Stompin' Tom Connors, Murray McLaughlin and or course Valdy. McLuhen spok

Still to be written - Chris Hadfield at the Science Centre

. . Canadian Astronaut talks to Stephen Weir about his upcoming underwater mission - 2-weeks underwater off the coast of Florida