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Last poem of the Semester - Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Jumpin' Jack Flash, The Queen and Me

Mick Jagger Gets No Satisfaction from Clichés (Windsor U creative writing assignment 2021) SIDE ONE I don’t usually go outdoors in Windsor carrying loaded heat It came in handy savin’ Mick as he was getting mugged in the street Gotta reveal that Mr. Jagger ain’t no Street Fighting Man But, as I sewed him up I knew I was still a huge huge fan. “Sorry ‘bout the  Sticky Fingers ; Just  Let It Bleed  my mate.” “ Start Me Up . Gotta make tonight’s Cobo concert date” “I won’t be your Beast of Burden this night of painful ‘fun’ “Next time in Windsor I’ll tell ya what really needs to be done!” Let’s Spend the Night Together . No, I am not his date Jesus Jack,  my pal.  Looks like Mick Jagger is arriving late. And listen Jumping Jack , he will demand that you jiggle, So limber up and be ready to leap up high and wiggle. He said something ‘bout painting this door red, Jack. No Fucking way, Jagger and I are going to  Paint It Black! Or maybe we will just sit and roll these  Tumbling Dice, Yeah,