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2017 Weston Youth Innovation Award Winner

Anmol Tukrel - photo Ontario Science Centre Blind? There Is An App For That. by Stephen Weir written for Huffington Post On top of my fridge there is a growing pile of spectacles. Reading glasses. Seeing for distance. Prescription sunglasses.   Half glasses. Safety glasses. Sigh. I guess I always knew that loss of vision was all part of the aging process, but it has happened a bit too soon for my liking.   Luckily a remarkable teenager from Markham has come up with an App that will fix all that. I am still a long way away   --I hope -- from needing to use an App created by 17 year old student Anmol Tukrel.   He has created iDentifi that helps a visually impaired person identify objects by using a smartphone. The app uses the phone’s camera and artificial intelligence to provide audio identification of objects, brands, colour, facial expressions, handwriting and text. I caught up to him at the Ontario Science Centre earlier this week while he was being presented wi