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Mosquito The Book Canadians Are Itching to Read



A Different Royalty wows people inside and outside A Different Booklist A Different Booklist held a different style book launch Monday night that literally had post rush hour Bathurst St motorists stopping in the road.  The bookstore and cultural centre was holding a sold-out signing and as a result a hundred people sat rigid in their chairs seemingly staring out at one of Toronto’s busiest streets. A Different Booklist doesn’t have curtains, and its windows run from sidewalk to ceiling.So, when royalty arrives at the cultural centre, the audience ends up ghosting the cars, the streetcars and pedestrians where Bathurst and Bloor converge. People stopped and starred back! What they saw was two women sitting in front of a microphone with their back to the street.The people sitting in the chairs didn’t care about what was going on outside, it was the speakers their eyes were fixed upon. Royalty indeed at come to Toronto’s multicultural bookstore (specializing in books from the African & …

Tourism Breaks Records


Marley Berot. Faces On The Wall.

New Show At the A Different Booklist Cultural Centre 

It is just her second art show and sale, and the show has only been open for an hour, and already a painting has been sold and taken home by a happy buyer. Marley Berot, a 19-year old painter, is happy too but also a little worried she might run out of replacement canvases!
Berot, a Toronto student by day and a budding artist who paints whenever she gets near her bedroom studio.  She paints faces, mostly Caribbean women’s faces in a colourful style that is uniquely hers.
“ I tend to paint from photos and photo montages  that I have made,” Berot told the Camera. “ But sometimes, like the full body painting near the window (pictured) I don’t have a photo, the concept actually sprung from my mind. I had a vision and I put it to canvas as quickly as I could.”
“ I would like to say that I do love painting faces.  It is easy to see what I am saying – it is right there in her face,” she continued. “Now as I get more confidence (selling will …

Mungi launches new book in Toronto on MLK evening


Alunia Threatre's new play closes on Saturday