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Museum creates content for Facebook. Talks directly to children in their environment

Da Vinci would have been impressed. A Facebook First is broadcast live from Leonardo exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre It is what is coming to your Facebook account soon. A couple of weeks ago, radio show host William Doyle Marshall and I took in the very first Canadian museum Facebook "TV" broadcast to be held.
The Facebook Live event was at Toronto's Ontario Science Centre (Canada) in their exhibition hall where they have a traveling exhibition about the inventions of Leonardo daVinci. The Science Museum brought in a panel of experts from as far away as Italy to talk on camera to educators and young Facebook followers about the genius of the Italian inventor who died five centuries ago.
The hour-long broadcast shown in real time on Facebook had a very large cast of characters (most shown in picture below) and probably had a very large budget (Wendy Mesley doesn't come cheap). Facebook keeps tight controls on the "broadcast rights" for these shows, and…

DreamMaker Real Estate Brokerage plays its part in the 2015 PanAm Games

In September 2011 Canada's number one "black" high-end magazine published the following article.  It has my by-line.  It was, I assume, based on presser I sent out for the Diversity Business Network's Pan Am Games project.  Saw the article when it came out, but, missed my by-line.