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100 Words. Non-Fiction. Canada Reads 24-hour Name Dropping contest

  Stephen Weir and Maria Nenadovich in front of Andy Warhol's Mao Title: When Time Stood Still In A Small Town Ontario Author:   Stephen Weir ( The Story: A roof. Four teenagers.  A fatal attraction. 45 years ago we were atop of the tallest building in Renfrew.  It was a science experiment with Superball.  Throw Superball and ita bounce towards the stars. How high would it fly when thrown from the roof? Whoosh! Screaming screaming streetward. It hit with a sickening splat. Next? Zooming skyward it arced towards the post-office clocktower. Time stood still. Plop. Tinkles of glass. A round hole at  6. Before the bouncing stopped we scattered in four very different directions. Guy Fox. Karsh. Hemingway. Pope Paul. Death has caught two. We won’t meet again.

Steve Jobs, I-Pads, Canon Cameras changing how press conferences are run

Stephen Weir HUFFINGTON POST RAN THIS EDITED VERSION OF A BLOG POSTING ON JANUARY 14th . How Steve Jobs Transformed PR    Huffington Post 1.14.2012      See the full length blog at: Last month when the Ontario Science Centre (OSC) held a media launch for an exhibition of miniature working models of some of Leonardo da Vinci's greatest inventions, Massimiliano Lisa, curator of the traveling show, dedicated the day to the memory of Steven Job. Lisa (no relation to Mona) compared the game changing genius of Da Vinci to the intellect of the recently deceased head of Apple. The room full of science geeks agreed with the visiting curator. Little did they know how much Jobs has changed how PR people like me stage media events -- including the event they were at. In the old days -- a year ago -- there was a certain never-stray-from blue print for the physical set-up of a press event. The