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Talking to the Whale Shark keeper - story written for Diver Magazine website

Writing for Diver Magazine's Website I have been helping add content to Diver Magazine's website ( There is a real person power shortage at Diver's headquarters. They are down an employee or two and keeping the website going appears to be a catch as catch can assignment. Most of the material I have written for the site never has been posted. For some reason there is a problem posting photographs on the site. During September I wrote to the Georgia Aquarium and conducted an email interview about two new whale sharks they had been given by an aquarium in Taiwan. The story, picture and interview have been lanquishing in my growing file of not-yet published stories. So, before the factoids raised by the Georgia Aquarium are stale dated, I have decided to run the story and photo on this web page. Whale Sharks and the Aquarium Keeper Early this summer the Georgia Aquarium welcomed two new live whale sharks to their Ocean Voyager exhibit. The whale sharks, both m

Green Roof Story in Saturday Toronto Star

Green roofs take root on city buildings More than 100 in the GTA have adapted the pioneer practice for the eco-conscious present Sep 29, 2007 04:30 AM Stephen Weir Special to the Star The drive to develop environmentally friendly, energy-efficient condominiums has given new meaning to sod-turning ceremonies. More than 100 commercial and condo buildings in the Greater Toronto Area have unveiled "green roofs" – a 21st-century take on the sod-roof homes that were popular in pioneer days. Condominium roofs, patios and decks covered in flowers, shrubbery and slow-growing plants are sprouting up all over, so much so that the International Home Show (running from this Friday until Oct. 8) at the International Centre has set up a Green Home Theatre with four daily seminars on eco-building issues, including the living roof. "Toronto has stepped into an era where the protection of the environment and sustainability are major focuses of our