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Is This Trending Photograph Making a Statement About Overfishing?

photograph by  Kremer / Johnson From Stephen Weir article - Huffington Post  September 19,2015 h With the bounty of the sea on their restaurant table two spear fishermen, still in their dive gear, prepare to place an order with a nonplussed waiter. Is this rapidly trending photograph a statement about overfishing and the gluttony of man or just a photographic bon mot for the internet? "It certainly had that (environmental) message but somehow it went terribly wrong," said California photographer Neil Kremer. He and his partner Cory Johnson spent two weeks building the restaurant set inside their Redondo Beach studio, hiring actors, lighting the set and ultimately taking this picture they call "Catch to Table."  "We are a photography team ( Kremer / Johnson ) specializing in environmental, studio, and narra

Four Hours to Walk Off a Slamburger. Dueling Ban Jos and Archie and the Bunker

FOUR HOURS to walk off Denny's new burger, Duelling Ban Jos, and putting Archie Bunker back in the Garage. It is Press Release Friday, albeit a few days late. 3 interesting press releases that crossed my desk in the past 7 days. Extraordinary Food Combinations Comes To Denny’s (Dieters Beware) Slamburger The Denny’s Hamburger chain is not about to be out-caloried by the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto and State Fairs across the US. Denny’s issued a press release announcing that starting today and running through to October 12, it is  ‪#‎ BigBurgerBash‬  time in their North American outlets. A quick glance at their menu shows that three of their top sellers rival the likes of the CNE’s deep fried Oreos and other extraordinary junk food combinations in terms of calories, salt and fat output! "Denny's is known for taking classic favourites and adding a unique, fresh flair," said John Dillon, @DillonJohnW, chief marketing officer for Denny's. &qu