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Alexis Wrote A Book Set In Trinidad But His Parents Hated It, So He Put It Away

One day Canada’s top novelist will write about Trinidad. André Alexis wins the Writer’s Trust for his book set in Ontario
By Stephen Weir Author André Alexis is the toast of English Canada.  Last Tuesday in Toronto the Trinidadian Canadian won the prestigious $50,000 Writers' Trust fiction prize for his English language novel "Days by Moonlight". This is the fourth time Alexis has been nominated for the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize and the second time he has won it. He is only the second author in the country to capture the award twice.  Miriam Toews also won the trophy two times. Days by Moonlight is his seventh novel. The book is about Alfred Homer who takes a Southern Ontario road trip to investigate the story of John Skennen, a poet whose ghost haunts a few souls around the province! Days by Moonlight is part of his  "quincunx" of five thematically linked novels. The second installment in the series, "Fifteen Dogs," took both Writers' Tr…

Slam I Am, Says Andre Newell

SLAM Andre Newell as hard as you can
Don’t be shocked when you get a standing ovation from the audience

By Stephen Weir
Andre Newell doesn’t mind if you slam him. In fact the Toronto entertainment and events promoter says he has a stage you can stand on while you give him your best shot!
For the past 8-years Andre and his cousin actress Oluniké Adeliyi have been staging Monologue Slams here in Toronto, across Canada and in Jamaica.  The pair is getting ready to present the final Slam of 2019 and they promise the December 1st event is going to be the Grandest Slam of them all. The evening Monologue Slam Canada Finale will be held at the Bad Dog Theatre. (875 Bloor St West).
“A Monologue Slam is an acting competition where actors perform on stage in front of a panel of experts, who provide feedback and select a winner, with the audience watching on (and voting too) ” explained Newell. “ The essence of the event is to give actors a space to play, let them work on their material and build a st…

All Black Cast for the remount of Claudia Dey's weird Canadian bush comedy


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Grace Kennedy’s Jamaican Birthright Program Back For 2020


2017 Review Reposted After Amanda Parris Wins GG For Play

It Isn’t A Game In The Other Side Of The GameToronto fervently wishes that the name Lester Donaldson would not be spoken and that 29 years after his death the city could return to being known as Toronto The Good.   But if wishes were kittens, Amanda Parris’s debut play, Other Side Of The Game, would still be a lion’s roar against Toronto’s treatment of the Black community – from police shootings in the last century to carding in the 2000s. Lester Donaldson is a name from way back.  He was a mentally disturbed Black man who was shot dead by police in a Toronto rooming house.  It was 1988 and the community rose up and marched, shouting Lester’s name at the police and City Hall. It was the spark that lit a roman candle under Dudley Laws who shortly thereafter formed the Black Action Defense Committee (BADC). There were more shootings of innocent Black men and BADC hit back with more  and larger demonstrations and finally a riot. In Other Side Of The Game, a BADC-like group is planning to de…