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Underwater Records and Acheivements in 2012

Diving into the past – Important 2012 underwater  milestones and of course the dubious records For the Huffington Post   Ignore what Captain Kirk said.  In 2012 the last frontier was underwater. Never in the history of the planet has mankind ventured so far under the surface.  And, in pushing the underwater boundaries, more individual achievement records were set this year than ever before.  From the 7-mile underwater depth record set by Canadian filmmaker explorer James Cameron inside a futuristic one-man bathysphere, to freediver Ashley Futral Chapman who went down to 67 meters (223 feet) and back on a single breath of air, new milestones continue to be made and to be broken. Skimming through our back pages we noted the following achievements, albeit some of them pretty dumb that were reached over the past 365 days. CSS Website Photograph     In January, members of the Cz

Compassionate saint inspired St. Elizabeth Health Care

The legacy of St. Elizabeth continues not only on her anniversary, but every day in each community where Saint Elizabeth Health Care serves By Linda Crane and Stephen Weir A 13th century saint, recognized for her humanity and selflessness, is at the very heart of today's Saint Elizabeth Health Care.  Named after St. Elizabeth of Hungary who died on November 17, 1231, the innovative, not-for-profit, charitable organization continues to recognize the anniversary of its namesake by ensuring that the compassion and care she was known for continues in the homes and communities where its health care professionals serve. The Story of Saint Elizabeth Born in 1207, Elizabeth of Hungary was the daughter of Andrew II, King of Hungary.  After the deaths of her mother and her betrothed, Elizabeth turned her back on the opulence of the court at her family's castle in Warburg, in the state of Thuringia (Germany)- choosing instead a pious, sel