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"Small" prose piece for my Creative Writing Course at University of Windsor about small things

  Iceland's famous 24-hour hot dog stand    Never mind the rat. Bad things come in tiny bites By Stephen Weir Since this is the end of the term and you will have long forgot this 4-page story (oops) by January, I can shamelessly tell you about my bad habit of eating street food. No, I don’t mean an Island Patty from the food truck at the corner, I am talking about protein that has tumbled from someone’s mouth onto the road or a pet drenched lawn. I can’t help myself. I am always hungry and what tastes better than free food, even when you get it from the gutter? With me the 5-second rule is my life’s mantra. Haven’t heard of it? Author  Mel Robins  (The 5-Second Rule) describes it thusly. “Almost everyone has dropped some food on the floor and still wanted to eat it. If someone saw you drop it, she might have yelled, "5-second rule!" This so-called rule says food is OK to eat if you pick it up in 5-seconds or less.” To be honest, after a near death experience in Iceland I