The Don Of Carnival Photographs

Book on its way for the summer of 2018
Moreland (l) and Louis Saldenah - Mas-K-Camp
By Stephen Weir
Caribbean Camera readers know the carnival pictures of Don Moreland.  All this spring the paper has been featuring his pictures of  both children and adult Mas Band Camp costume launches for this year’s Toronto Caribbean Carnival.
Right now the longtime Carnival photographer is making the rounds visiting the Mas Camps to get support for his new project – publishing a photography book of revelers “on the road” playing Mas in the Grand Parade on Lakeshore Blvd along Toronto’s waterfront.
He and his team of photographers will be working with the 11 mas camps taking part in the parade. He wants to make sure that bands’ presentations are beautifully captured by his cameras as they perform to the throng of spectators who will be taking in the festival.
With some of the large bands expecting thousands of costumed players to take part, Moreland has his work cut out for him.  Weather concerns, worries about stormers closing the parade down and the hassle of getting good sightlines are things that he has dealt with over the years.  
Moreland (l) Dexter Seusahai - Tribal Carnival
“ I am going to put out a 100-page book as soon as I can physically do it after the August 4th grand parade has finished.  There are 11 bands, so each Mas Camp will get 8 pages of photographs,” explained Don Moreland. “ As well we will be photographing other festival events.”
Moreland works closely with the camps  and has already supplied them with pictures that he has taken at all their launches. He also printed up individual banners for each camp featuring their top models who appeared in their launches.
“I have delivered them to all of the camps so that their revelers will know what I am doing.  A number of the camps have already hung my framed pictures in their showroom,” said Moreland.
“ It is all about the beauty, the pageantry and the fun,” he continued. “I will be taking pictures at the Children’s King and Queen Showcase ( July 15th), and the  Adults’ King and Queen competition ( August 02).  As for the fun? You should see the Mas Camp playing cards and jig saw puzzles I have put together!”


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