EPIC Late Night Fete With Connector in Toronto

Old Time Blocko Brings Out the Calypso in Toronto
By Stephen Weir for Tomorrow's Caribbean Camera
Connector is no dummy; he knows that it pays to have a sense of humour to be a Calypso singer these days. When the 2016 Calypso Monarch was asked to pose for a fun picture with a member of the audience at a new weekly Blocko, he said he knew someone just stupid enough to help him out. He was right; a blond haired mannequin in the Epic Carnival costume showroom was an excellent model for this Caribbean Camera photographer.
The Toronto singer came by the Epic Carnival mas camp at the Tam Heather Curling Club in Scarborough last Friday to perform at their new Friday night Blocko parties. It was perfect weather for a fete that was held both inside and outside the large sports building for the new series. He sang, danced and performed to about 100 people (and costumed mannequins) both inside the hall and outside looking in from the parking lot.
“It was a bit of old time Carnival singing at midnight at a free Blocko,” Joel Davis (Connector). “It was a nice tune-up for a coming gig in Bermuda. I’ll soon be gone for five days, so, I am glad that I was able to fit this one in!”

According to Epic Carnival’s manager Jerrol Augustine, the non-profit Mas camp is holding free Friday night parties, complete with food and a bar until August.
“Last Friday's Blocko saw DJ Greg holding it down,” he said. “We do host a Blocko every Friday unless specified otherwise. It is all a part of our community building and hyping it all up before Carnival!”
Connector is the second Calypsonian to perform at Epic’s Mas Camp Blocko. First was Brampton’s Guney Cedeno. And next week? Epic says to check their Instagram account for the performance announcement.
E.P.I.C. Carnival is the new name of Durham Mas and Recreational Club. The name stands for Energy, Passion, Imagination and Culture. Their Mas Camp is located inside the Tam Heather Club located at 730 Military in Scarborough.


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