It Happens This Sunday In Toronto

By Stephen Weir
There are still a few good tickets left for this Saturday night's Rudder 6.5 concert at the Sony Centre For The Performing Arts. The Canadian-based singer and composer David Michael Rudder turned 65 this year and is celebrating with his keynote 6.5 show.

--> " I was in Trinidad last month and I wanted to sing 65 songs over the evening," he told me in a phone interview. " I didn't time it right - managed to sing 60 before the show ended."
" Not sure how many I will sing at the Sony Centre, and I am not sure what songs I will sing," he continued. "I want to leave it up to my fans. They can go to my website or Facebook and tell me what they want me sing! You know I am going to do all of the old favourites."
--> Five years ago, David Rudder played a concert in Trinidad that he called David Rudder 6.0 and performed 60 sings in honour of his birthday at the concert. " I plan to do 7.0 in 2023, so I better work fast if I am to get 70 songs out of me."
--> The concert at Sony Centre is all David Rudder. There is no opening act. He will open and close the show with a 12-man back-up band - the Contraband - who have been performing for years. " The band members are from Canada, Trinidad, Antigua and Cuba - hence the name Contra."
--> This is probably one of the only chances to see the performer in Canada in a concert setting this summer. While David Rudder is a fixture at Carnivals around the Caribbean, the US and Canada, but, don't look for him on the road in Toronto. He has been asked back to Trinidad in late July to have another go at Rudder 6.5 and plans to perform in Antigua, and other Caribbean stops just around the time of Toronto's parade.
" I love doing concerts - indoors and out, but I am getting a little old for the crazy fetes and riding the trucks." Rudder 6.5 comes to the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto on June 9.

Pictured Above is David Rudder, holding his son's soccer ball, beside comedian Jean Paul. I took the picture back stage at a Half Pint concert at the CHIN Picnic


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