Like her show, her life has been rebooted

Election over, and now it is back to work!
by Stephen Weir
It is back to work for TV host Nikki Clarke and that means transforming lives, one inspirational story at a time. After unsuccessfully running for office in the recent provincial election the Jamaican Canadian broadcaster is rebooting her Internet talk show in early July.
“ I learned so much about my community and myself,” Nikki Clarke told the Caribbean Camera. “It was an honour to run (for the NDP) in the Mississauga Milton riding. I am so proud of what we did!”
Candidate Clarke, running in her first election came close. She placed second, 2,000 votes behind Conservative candidate Deepak Anand. Amrit Mangat, the Liberal sitting member was a distant third, almost 5,000 votes behind Clarke.
“ We are baaaaaaaack! Better and stronger!” she said in announcing that her show is looking for guests to appear in her kik-off show. “ This is a show that is about conversations. The people (we interview) are making a positive impact in the world and through them we transform lives one story at a time.”
Before taking an election hiatus, the programme was taped in front of a live audience at a local bistro. The new show is now being made in a Forest Hill studio sans audience. “We are taping in front of a green screen on which we can drop graphics and segments behind us. It will give us an almost 3-D effect!”
The show host draws many of her guests from the Caribbean Canadian community. As an author, an ordained lay pastor and the past president of the Ontario Black History Society 50-year old Nikki Clarke is embedded in the community. Community scions, successful business leaders and politicians from both sides of the house are often guests on the show!
The show was launched back in 2012. Two years later the host founded the Nikki Clarke Network in May 2014. She says her network ( is the answer for those looking for a 24 hour inspirational and informative online TV. The network carries uplifting and entertaining segments about lifestyle, wellness, health, business, beauty, food and music.
“ I don’t know if I will run again, it’s a long time before the next election,” she said. “ I do know I am a stronger person now, and you will see the difference in the new show.”


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