Toronto Caribbean Carnival Event In Progress

For Caribbean Foodies Carnival Food Comes in 25 Flavours (and counting)

Freedom Mas photo from Facebook

By Stephen Weir For the stripped down version of the 2021 Toronto Caribbean Carnival the timing is turning out be perfect.  Just as the Province begins relaxing the restrictions on dine-in restaurants, outdoor patios and purchasing take-out meals, The Festival Management Committee, has soft-launched a new Carnival food festival  -- Carnival Flavours -- that runs throughout the month of July.
Earn points every time you order and you could win weekly Carnival Flavours prize packs!” explains the carnival's event website ( 
Carnival Flavours is a brand new project for the 2021 Carnival and is dedicated to bringing the best in Caribbean food in TorontoBrampton and Whitby to hungry Toronto Caribbean Carnival foodies.
Be it in a popular resto, or dinner on a patio or meals delivered by DoorDash, the month of July is all about Caribbean cuisine. Foodies have to register online to get discounts, carnival special meals and the chances earn prize during the month long Carnival Flavours programme.

“This is a month long celebration of the best in Caribbean cuisine in Toronto and the GTA,” explained organizer Petronilla Marchan.  “Carnival Flavours had its soft launch on July 1st, from here on in we are going to have evening events at many of the 25 establishments that are taking part. We will bring models and music from 11 different Mas Bands to help us activate Carnival Flavours.”

The list of food establishments taking part in the project is a who’s who in quality Caribbean cooking.  From Souperlicious in Brampton, Mississauga and Etobicoke to the Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant in Whitby and of course throughout Scarborough and downtown Toronto, there are new and well-known places to try-out all month.

“It is an incredible list and it’s growing.  We have some of the tried and true favourites that offer sit down service like The Real Jerk (pictured above),’ continued Marchan. “ And there are lots of places that people may have heard of but never tried, like the newly famous (and Drake’s favourite), the Patty Stop on Lawrence in Scarborough.”


This July 9th Brampton’s Freedom Mas ("The only Jamaican Mas Band in the Toronto Carnival - pictured above from their website”) will be in costume and celebrating the launch of Carnival Flavours   at the House of Drum Pan Catering.

The food company, located on Milford Drive in Malvern is one of the city’s few BBQ caters that make Drum Pan BBQ custom orders. The emphasis at the House of Drum is Jerked meats, homemade Jerk Sauces.  (The traditional Drum Pan is a BBQ unit made from an old Oil Drum).

The Festival is sponsored and supported by Grace Foods, Carib Beer and DoorDash, a citywide food delivery service.


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