In a press release issued by Walmart Canada to mark Black History Month(BHM), the large retail outlet turned the spotlight on Caribbean Canadian artist Kwame Delfish. The Toronto artist was commissioned by Walmart to design their exclusive Black History Month merchandise celebrating Black excellence.
Who better to hire? As a multidimensional artist, with a career spanning over 30 years, Kwame’s most recent work includes designing both the 2022 and 2023 Commemorative Black History Month coins featuring the Underground Railroad and the No. 2 Construction Battalion for the Canadian Mint.
According to Walmart, Delfish’s BHM design, entitled "The Tree of Heroes," encourages individuals to use their imagination to dream big and pursue their goals regardless of the systemic barriers that they will inevitably encounter on their journey. We become empowered to push through adversity when we see ourselves in others who share our identities and lived experiences. Representation matters. This is the underlying theme that the artist conveys to the audience with their design.
“Everyone wants to be the hero in their story. However, all these systems disproportionately impact Black women, so it can be discouraging for them at times. As a father raising a little Black girl, it was important for me to capture something that would not only inspire my daughter but children all across the country. I wanted her to see herself as any one of the heroes in the tree. I want to instil in her that, regardless of her gender or race, she is powerful and can achieve anything she wants,” said Kwame Delfish.
Shoppers are encouraged to celebrate this Black History Month in style with Tree of Heroes reusable bag and/or t-shirt currently available in select Walmart stores across Canada. Proceeds will support the incredible work being done by the Black Business and Professionals Association (BBPA).


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