The Prince of Soca Takes Over Flow 98.7

(my article in this week's Caribbean Camera)

In a blockbuster announcement, Dr. Jay, Canada's renowned Soca DJ, has revealed his return to live radio with his signature show, SocaTherapy airing on Flow 98.7 FM. Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 14th, from 6-9 pm, as Dr. Jay brings back the beats and vibes that make him the Prince of Soca.
While his radio roots trace back to 2001 when he started at Flow FM, Dr. Jay is returning to a different Flow this time. The radio landscape in the city has evolved, and he will now be on what was formerly known as G-98.7, a station founded by the late Fitzroy Gordon. The new owners acquired the naming rights to Flow, the first Black radio station launched by Denham Jolly back in 2001. This Flow from Flow to the new Flow marking a unique twist in Dr. Jay's radio journey.
Having spent a decade at the original FLOW, Dr. Jay reminisces about his radio experiences, including stints at G-98.7 and Soul 93.5. His passion for live radio has endured for over two decades, making him a stalwart in the industry.
As a global ambassador for Soca culture, Dr. Jay's return to radio is a significant event. Soca Therapy, his iconic show, was the first Soca music program on commercial radio in Canada, boasting a legacy of over 20 years. The program has been a cultural touchstone, providing listeners with unforgettable musical experiences.
For the past few years, fans had to resort to online platforms or catch Dr. Jay at live events to get their therapy. However, the Prince of Soca missed the direct connection with his listeners. With Soca Therapy, he promises a mix of music and updates on the vibrant Soca scene. While there are no immediate plans for guests, Dr. Jay remains open to the possibility as the show progresses.
Beyond radio, Dr. Jay continues to bring Soca to the masses with live shows. On Sunday, January 27th, 2024, he'll be at the Rebel nightclub for DCAL - Doh Cry Ah Leavin'. The event promises an electrifying night featuring Destra, DJ Puffy, and a lineup of talented artists.
Looking ahead to late February, Dr. Jay plans another event at Rebel, titled Return Fete. This celebration welcomes back carnival revelers who experienced the T&T 2024 Carnival, promising a last night of infectious Soca and joyful vibes. The Caribbean Camera has heard from a reliable source that Nadia Batson is one of the special guest artists !
In a parallel development at Flow 98.7, Alicia "Ace" West and Marlon Palmer are set to debut in the mornings with their show, Ace & Marlon in the Morning, starting January 15th. With a background in comedy and radio, the duo brings a fresh and entertaining perspective to the morning airwaves.

As Dr. Jay returns to reign over Flow 98.7, it's clear that Soca music enthusiasts are in for a tr
eat, experiencing the magic of SocaTherapy Sundays once again.
Pictured above - Dr Jay at the CNE in August, MC'ing the Patrice Roberts concert, sweir


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