New Good Luck tradition  from 

Toronto's Demi-Monde

Always thought that if you can get a TTC transfer at 1 second after midnight on January 1st you will be blessed with good luck in the new year.
Put it to the test. Bundled up at 11.45 on the last night of 2023 and walked down to the Eglinton subway station at Yonge St. Got there with a coupla minutes to spare.

Just me, a female busker playing an electric piano and any song I wanted to hear and a couple of TTC employees. I stood by the transfer machine and took this picture of me pressing the transfer machine at year's end, and here is the lucky transfer I got a second later a second into 2024.
One TTC employee clapped and banged fists with me.
Got home and checked a lottery ticket my wife had got me for Xmas. Won $50 so obviously I was right about the first transfer luck power. Still have two unused transfers on my desk. Don't ask, they aren't for sale.


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