One Last Time – Raising the Black, Red and White in Mississauga

Photos by Horace Thorne


If people in the GTA didn’t know whose colours are black, red, and white, after August 31st they do now. The people of Trinidad and Tobago celebrated that country’s 60th anniversary with events, ceremonies, parties, soccer matches, Cricket games and flag-raising ceremonies.

Photographer Horace Thorne who took these pictures, is also the president of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Ontario. He covered the Mississauga First Flag Raising ceremony to mark T&T’s Diamond Jubilee for the Caribbean Camera.

The event, was planned for the most part by the association’s vice president, Jean Turner Williams and  was held at Mississauga’s  City Hall. “The City Hall did a wonderful job,” reported Thorne. “There was a slight shower, so we all moved inside, for the speeches, and food.”

Once inside, the Mayor Designate, Councillor Dipika Dermeria spoke on behalf of the city and Consul General Tracy Ramsubagh Mannette, spoke on behalf of Trinidad and Tobago. As well Edwin Terry (The Children’s  Breakfast Clubs) spoke about the significance of Carnival in both Port of Spain and Toronto, and  Alpha King sang T&T’s national anthem followed by Bianca Gabrel leading the group is prayers.

“Everyone then moved outside, for the official flag Raising.” Police Designate Staff Sgt, Sean Mc Kenny, Peel Chief of Fire services Deryn Rizz and Councillor Chris Fonseca assisted in the raising of the Black, Red and White flag.



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