It Sounded Like A Great Idea At The Time

New Jerk Chicken Ice Cream Dropped on April 1st.

By Stephen Weir: It sounded like a good idea at the time.  Jerk Chicken Ice Cream. I did a newspaper feature article about Neale’s Sweet N’ Nice  ice cream a couple years ago and never thought the Trinidadian Canadian owner Andrew McBarnett, would tell his biggest fan a whopper.
Since that story was published, I have been stalking their Facebook site for product news for Caribbean Canadian ice cream  gossip. So, on Friday when I read on social media that they had created Jerk Chicken Ice Cream I decided I would actually leave our home and stand in-line and get a tub of ice cream at our nearby Metro store.
I have been vaccinated but I still wear a mask. Glad I did because when I went to the food market, I got annoyed that I couldn't find the Jerk Chicken Ice Cream in the frozen food section and sternly told the store manager they were missing the boat by not stocking the Neale’s Sweet N’ Nice  new flavour. 
The store assured me that there was no such product and did point out the date I was in the store  -- it was April 1st.  My mask hid my embarrassment and luckily hid my identity too. 

I went back to my office and I checked out McBarnett's (pictured left)  latest message.  He hadn't been telling a whopper, he had just been honouring  a long-time April Fool's Day tradition. He spilled the beans (and the chicken) and wished everyone Happy April Fool's Day.

Before he did come clean McBarnett did say that “when we launched Sweet N’ Nice across Canada last year, our goal was to bring the fun flavours of the Caribbean for Canadians to enjoy. Jerk Chicken is as authentic to the Caribbean as any of our tropical fruit ice cream flavours. Made with a premium and a proprietary blend of spices that originate with the family’s roots in Trinidad, Sweet N’ Nice mixes its popular cool and creamy ice cream with jerk seasoned chicken, creating a fiery heat that instantly refreshes."

Funs Fun.  Here's hoping Andrew McBarnett doesn't dream up Trinidad Scorpion Ice Cream or Shark N' Bake Frozen creamsicles and launch them in time for  April 1, 2022!  Readers be aware, you have been warned.


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