Recipe for Canada's newest cocktail - Honey, Spam and Southern Comfort


By Stephen Weir - popular Facebook posting

New cocktail. Drink to sip in the backyard while watching the 70 story condo towers being built down the street.
I Invented the Honey Bear Spamartini this morning
Honey Bear Spamartini

1.5 oz of Southern Comfort
2 oz of Orange Fresh-cut Juice
2 oz of Grapefruit Fresh-cut Juice
1 tsp of 'Pooh Bear' honey
2 ice cubes shaped like Daleks
2 cubes of Chorizo Spam
1 Maraschino Cherry
Pour into an empty can of hot and spicy Chorizo flavoured Spam. Garnish with Chorizo Spam Squares, Maraschino Cherry, Umbrella and drink using a swizzle stick straw
copyright sweirsweir
ps - photo shoot in our dining room was not without humour - the bear quickly got drunk and tried to hibernate!


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