Straight out of John John to the Nugget on Nugget

Original launch date postponed by bad weather
Photograph by Anthony Berot
De New Regulars and Foreva Carnival 2018 had to put the breaks on their planned April costume launch because of bad bad weather. With spring finally arriving in Toronto, one of Carnival’s longest running Mas Camps is confident that the show will go on for sure this weekend.
De New Regulars and Foreva Carnival band Launch will be held May 5th at the Nugget Banquet Hall, (55 Nugget Ave) in Scarborough. Doors open at 10:00 p.m. Admission is $25 per person and includes dinner, a live steel pan performance, D.J. music and, of course, their costume presentation.
The theme for the evening is “Straight Out of John John”. John John refers to a housing district in Trinidad. “Janet Lewis aka “flag woman” is a true Caribbean icon,” reads a press release issued by De New Regulars and Foreva Carnival. “In celebrating Janet’s contributions to Carnival in Toronto and the world, we also recognize the importance of the roll that John John, East Dry River played in the very origins of Carnival.”

“Such talented men and women came from John, John, East Dry River, Port of Spain, Trinidad. These talents were transported here to Toronto and the Toronto Caribbean Carnival was born,” explained bandleader Michael Williams.
The Band has been engaging Scarborough youth in costume design and production and steel pan for a number of years. The spotlight of this year’s band launch will be the exceptional talent of Christel and Chantel – Foreva Carnival. These gifted young women will showcase their costume designs for the 2018 Carnival.


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