CeeCee Beats FiFi By Putting On THE DRESS. Calypso Monarch Results

The DressJoel Was Man Enough To Wear It ... And Has Tara's Crown To Prove It.

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Tara Banks and Joel Davis at the Calypso Monarch contest in Toronto
Last night's Calypso Monarch competition had an ending that made one cross dresser happy and had the competition's most winning singer losing to her imitator!
Connector / Macomere CeeCee (Joel Davis) is Toronto’s New 2016 Calypso Monarch! He was the most popular choice at the competition, beating perennial winner Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods) with his winning composition entitled “The Dress”. He beat out 12 contestants on Sunday night at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre.

Macomere CeeCee

Joel Davis, who had hinted earlier in the year he may not compete made it into the finals by coming up with a good song, innovative lyrics and a willingness to appear on stage in drag. This is not the first time that a Calypso singer has dressed as the opposite gender, but, Connector did something completely new, he was dressed as the reigning Calypso Monarch, Macomere FiFi! His performance, the Dress, was all about how he couldn't win as a man, because Tara Woods' persona Macomere FiFi is just too good to beat. So that is why, as his song lyrics explain, he "decided to put on the dress" (and the make-up and wig).
The Dress had the standing-room-only crowd of 300+ singing along, dancing in the aisles and whooping their support for Macomere CeeCee!
Earlier in the evening the real Macomere Fifi, had received a similar reception with many giving her a standing ovation for her song Soca Quest. Her performance was strong, her voice pure and her message loud and clear. In any other year it was a winning routine.

The judges spent almost an hour looking over the results while MC Dick Lochan and the Ossie Gurley And The Truth kept adding verses to every song they knew to keep the audience in the hall!
The Juiceman and Connector
In the end Joel Davis won the crown for his version of Macomere Fifi (or was it for being Macomere CeeCee?). He also captured the Best Melody Award, Most Original Calypso Title, Most Humourous Song, the Best Arrangement Award and the People's Choice Award.
Tara Woods was not shut out. She placed second in the Monarch and won Best Lyrics. She was also the first on stage to cheer, hug and congratulate Mr Macromere CeeCee.
Both Macomere CeeCee and Macomere FiFi will perform their songs Monday afternoon at Harbourfront along with many of the other Monarch contestants. Calypso Stars Monday, August 1, 2016
3:00pm– 6:00pm at the Concert Stage 

235 Queens Quay West.

Tara Woods

The Final Results

1.Connector (Joel Davis)
2.Macomere Fifi (Tara Woods)
3. De Carra (Leslie Carrabon)
4. Tie - Dennis James & Mr Wonderful (Steve Clarke)
6. Lady Scorpio (Norma Coar)
7. Antz (Wendell Ramdeen)
8. Web (Hamilton Alexander)
9. King Cosmos (Henry Gomez)
10. Brown Sugar (Colleen Trotman)
11. Scotty (Hamilton Scott)
12. Kenny C (Kennedy Caliste)
13. Loveman Kent (Kent Merchant)
14. Dynasty (Alfred Caton)

Special Awards:

Best Lyrics – Macomere Fifi “Soca Quest”
Best Melody – Connector “The Dress”
Best Presentation- Kenny C “Too Much Poverty”
Most Original Calypso-Connector “The Dress”
Best Rendition-Kenny C “Too Much Poverty”
Best Composition on a Local Topic-Web “More Funding for Carnival”
Most Humourous-Connector-“The Dress”
Best Arrangement-Connector-“The Dress”
The Peoples Choice – Connector-“The Dress”


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