Caribbean Canadian Emerging Fashion Trends Have LookBook


The surge in popularity of Caribbean Canadian fashion comes as no surprise to global fashion authorities, who attribute this phenomenon to a combination of factors such as the region's climate, the creativity of local designers, and the distinctive "Caribbean Canadian attitude." These elements collectively contribute to the burgeoning influence of the Toronto community’s fashion trends on a global scale. Among the often overlooked sources of inspiration is indeed Toronto's vibrant cultural scene, with Carnival playing a significant role in shaping the unique and explosive style emanating from the Caribbean.

Anthony Berot and Michaela Palmer have collaborated to redefine the Caribbean Canadian fashion scene. They have recently published the Reverie Faces LookBook, which has quickly gained traction in the city's social media scene, catching the eyes and turning heads of many.
Readers will likely recognize these names. Berot, known for capturing stunning mas models and beautiful revellers at carnivals and costume launches since the beginning of the century, stands out as the most prolific photographer in Canada in this niche. As for Michaela Palmer, the blogger, vlogger, social media marketer, and web developer, she boasts a significant following on the web as iseeyoumimi and is now also featured on the new nexusofculture website.

"LookBooks have been around for a while, but it's only recently that they've caught fire!" explained Berot. "A LookBook is a collection of photographs compiled to showcase a model, photographer, style, stylist, and accompanying clothing line. Think of it as a digital model shoot. We'll be releasing a new edition every two months, offering viewers ideas on how to style outfits and showcasing the latest in Caribbean Canadian fashions!"
Pictured are pages featured in the new LookBook. The model wearing the blue hat is Iseeyoumimi (Palmer) and her ensamble is by the design house Chateau Neuf. The picture of iseeyoumimi playing with her hair features hair stylings by Channy Styles.

"I am delighted to present the Reverie Faces LookBook project, which highlights the imaginative endeavours’ of Caribbean designers residing in Canada. Their creative expressions serve as a profound representation of the ongoing impact of Caribbean culture on a global scale," writes Palmer. "Through their inventive designs, they honour their heritage, uphold traditional craftsmanship, and encourage intercultural exchange."
Berot and Palmer plan to shoot these fashion portraits in a downtown photography studio. These bimonthly sessions will feature a single model or two adorned in the latest designs from a renowned Toronto designer.
One can explore the new LookBooks on Instagram, Facebook, and the official webpage: More of the work from this collection will be exhibited at the upcoming CCPAC photographic show in the Station Gallery from July 6, 2024, to August 25, 2024. And, yes, don't worry – Berot and his cameras will be back on de road for the 2024 Toronto Caribbean Carnival, capturing parade moments and dancing to the music.


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