November 1969 STEPHEN WEIR HAD A WEEKLY COLUMN BACK IN 1968, Probably missed a lot of deadlines. Thrust of the column was to report on the entertainment that appeared at the  THE MILL, a 100 year old former Mill that had been turned into a coffee house, just off Raglan St ( the main drag).

June 1973 Norm Wilson, the editor/publisher of the Mercury wrote this letter to the Journalism department at the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. 

June 1973

Bruce Paton, the administrator of the History of Renfrew Opportunities for Youth project this letter of support for the Journalism department at the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. 

October 1974
Chapter of my OFY project - History of Renfrew. The Ryerson Eyeopener used it! Full page feature


My first issue of Intercom. Circulation 3,500

After 3 months, Yoko Ono's promised chapter introduction had shrunk to a free form one page poem

1969 - Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal. Ritchie Yorke sits on the floor taking notes (l) at the John and Yoko Bed-In.  picture appears in Yorke's book, Christ You Know It Ain't Easy

Both Robert Plant and Stevie Wonder dropped by Ritchie Yorke's writing room to get a copy of his new book.

I haven't been able to find my press card from 1969-1970 but here is a scan of my 1970-1971 card 


My CJOM press card. ≈


Stephen Weir is presented an award and cash for writing the top investigative news story of 1977 by a weekly news reporter

February 2020

I received the Bob Marley Day Peace Award.

Michael Robinson above

He did a version of the creation story, the one that gets told in the periodic recitations of the Great Law that describe not only the creation of the world but also the creation of the Iroquois confederacy, at which event the Peacemaker and his ally combed the snakes out of Tadodaho’s hair, buried the hatchet or war-club under the white roots of the great pine, in doing so creating not only peace among the Iroquois but a 50-member governing body, the names of whose founding members live on as the titles of today’s leaders. Jacobs’s rationale for his work was this: “I want to give permanence in stone to the legends of my people.”

Floating hulk. Palau  (Koror if I remember correctly).


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